Best of Nextdoor: Animal Crossing Edition

What would Animal Crossing: New Horizons look like if Nextdoor came to town...

With the invention of the NookPhone, the Animal Crossing world has finally come online. Earning Nook Miles and checking your Critterpedia are cool and all, but with every Villager packing their own NookPhone, it’s only a matter of time before social media arrives to ruin your island's idyllic peace. And what better media platform for a small neighborhood of friends than Nextdoor? Well, if the real-world stories shared on Best of Nextdoor are anything to go by, this is what the posts on the Animal Crossing: New Horizons edition might look like.

Best of Nextdoor: Animal Crossing Edition

Keeping up island standards

Are the other residents on your island failing to keep their weeds in check or their houses decorated? Must be time for a passive-aggressive post.

The turnip problem

Every Sunday they arrive, ravaging the beauty of the island our villagers hold dear.

Suspicious individual seen on plaza

Support! Local! Business!


Picture the scene: You're relaxing in your house after a long day of fishing, and all you want to do is spend some time on your latest crafting recipe. Then the resident rep barges in and insists on stealing the idea. It's the seventh time they've made an uninvited entrance today.

Tangy can have little a Salami?

As a treat.


K.K. in the morning? Fine.

K.K. at 11pm? We've got a problem.

A bargain

Fresh Turnips? You'd be mad not to invest.

How to get Nook Miles, Cud

Combine old Villagers with the internet, and good things are bound to happen.

Ugly Mous

Admit it, you've googled this too.

Do Villagers have rights?

What Tom Nook didn't tell you is that the island is in International Waters. You'll do what you're told.

Hopefully you enjoyed this very silly roundup of entirely legitimate posts from Best of Nextdoor: Animal Crossing Edition. Now go hug a villager for us, they're all good in our books. For more Animal Crossing: New Horizons content, check out our list of five things we'd love to see updated. Pretty please, Nintendo?

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