All Bonus Objectives in Moving Out

Earn coins for the arcade with our full list of Bonus Objectives in Moving Out.

With the sheer amount of damage they cause, you might assume that the deliverymen in Moving Out are pretty careless people. However, unbeknownst to most, they’re actually working on their own personal goals. Each level in Moving Out sets a number of secret bonus objectives for you and your team to complete, but you won’t know what they are (or if you managed to do them) until you’ve played through the level once. Or you wouldn’t, if you didn’t check our guide to all bonus objectives in Moving Out that is! Below we’ve broken down all the secret bonus objectives so you know what tricks you need to pull on your first run through the level.

All Bonus Objectives in Moving Out

All bonus objectives in Moving Out
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The levels below are listed by the area you find them, starting with the town district, then the industrial/haunted area over the river, then moving on to the later locations in the game. Within each zone, the levels are ordered alphabetically, so scroll to the name of the level you’re on, and complete the bonus objectives listed to earn coins. These can be spent in the arcade to unlock secret challenge levels.

NB - Some levels force you to play through multiple times to earn all the coins, as some bonus objectives counteract one another.

Town District (the starting area)

Jerry’s Apartment

  • Don’t break any glass
  • Don’t break any objects
  • Give a bird a bath

Holly’s Home

  • Break the windows
  • Don’t break any windows
  • Bring the flamingos

Pepperoni Palace

  • Gooooaaaalllll! (score a goal in the soccer goal behind the house)
  • Deliver the turtle
  • Don’t break the vase

21 Slick Street

  • Don’t get hit by a car
  • Mess up the trophies
  • Don’t get oily

Poolside Pad

The Hoop House

  • Shoot some hoops (throw a ball through the basketball hoop)
  • Pets stay outside
  • Don’t break any windows

Snottsberry Farm

  • Disturb the nests
  • Avoid the rakes
  • Make some pen pals

Summer Chalet

  • No stair run
  • Go snowboarding
  • Avoid the snow

Casa de Cliff

  • Who let the goose out? 
  • No stairs for you!
  • Break the windows
Bonus objectives moving out
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Industrial district (the river and beyond)

Packmore River

  • Ride a croc
  • Get hit by a caffeinated driver
  • Bring the frog to the other side

Neighborhood Watch HQ

  • Help a chicken fly
  • Keep the chickens off the grass
  • Discover the weird secret (hidden in the warehouse)

Lenny’s Mansion

  • Clear the pier
  • Don’t step on any buttons
  • Smash the trophy case

The AAAAAH-tari Office

  • Don’t break any windows
  • Put the printer in the lift
  • Deliver the trolley

Dread Manor

  • Bust-a-ghost
  • Deliver me his head!
  • Mess up the artwork

Roundabout Mansion

  • Hop across the pound
  • Don’t mess up the artwork
  • No ghost hugs

Obadiah’s Orchard

  • Avoid all the rakes
  • Don’t break the fragile item
  • Ride the turtles

Deserted Depot

  • Use only the middle delivery lane
  • Deliver all boxes first
  • Deliver all couches first

Locked Lever Lab

  • Smash the windows
  • Take the couch outside
  • Use the levers only two times

Sealed Storehouse

  • Deliver all small crates first
  • Get a workout
  • Don’t take any items through the door

Flamethrower Factory

  • Don’t destroy any crates
  • Don’t stand on the conveyor
  • Crush the couch

The Chase

  • Don’t fall from the train
  • Complete the gaming area
  • Send a message gnome
Moving Out Secret Objectives
© SMG Studio

Secret Labs

The Floor is Guava

  • Don’t let items touch the guava
  • Ride the barrel
  • Don’t touch the blue platforms

Stairway to Melon

  • Take a shower
  • Hit the pipe
  • Break all glass

Guava Run

  • Don’t touch the guava
  • Get pushed and survive
  • Ahh Push It…

In Space

Satellite Base Alpha

  • Who delivers the deliverer? (Deliver yourself/a friend when you hit the button)
  • I’m the fire jumper
  • Deliver each item separately

Revolution Station

  • Crush a thing
  • Deliver everything via the left door
  • Don’t touch the moving walls


  • Don't use the levers
  • Deliver the boxes, avoid the guavatron
  • Take the sheep home

Contraband Cluster

  • Don’t use middle fan
  • Don’t use the levers
  • Float for 10 seconds

Pack Rat Planet

  • Hit a basketball shot
  • Sit on the throne
  • Take printer for a spin

The Final Move?

  • Get squished by the outhouse
  • Throw something at the Rat King
  • Survive 30 seconds with the flaming fists

And there you have it! All the bonus objectives in Moving Out, so you can get to work on unlocking those arcade levels. 

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