There's a clicker simulator to show you how long it takes to get a shiny in Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go Shiny Luck Simulator shows just how long it takes to get those rare 'mons.

Ever wondered how long it actually takes to get a shiny in Pokemon Go? Sure, you can look up those rarity rates but that tiny (tiny) number doesn't really tell the entire story of clicking and swiping and catching that many Bulbasaurs in a row. Well now there's a simulator to help you visualize it.

The Pokemon Go Shiny Luck Simulator, programmed and put on CodePen by MaximeCP, is simply a clicker game but with the shiny rarity odds for each individual Pokemon added to give you a fair shot on every click.

With the shiny encounter rates for some Pokemon such as the Gen 1 starters going as low as 1/450 (we got a little unlucky in our run above) it's hard to understand how much effort one has to go through to get their hands on these rarities.

However clicking for each encounter goes some way to demonstrating just how long you'll need to wait, if in real life you'll need to walk around, find one on the map or during a raid encounter, and actually land the catch. It's a lot.


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