New esports talent agency from Sway House and Team Rogue owners puts creators first

ReKTGlobal and TalentX create a new agency to represent everyone from TikTok stars to Twitch streamers.

ReKTGlobal and TalentX have joined forces to create a talent agency to represent today's new form of celebrity, from esports athletes to TikTok stars.

TalentX Gaming combines the entertainment management of TalentX – best known for overnight TikTok sensation Sway House – and London Royal Raven and Team Rogue parent company ReKT.

“TalentX Gaming is the formation of a unique and dynamic talent management company, combining ReKTGlobal’s esports industry leading position and TalentX’s meteoric and unprecedented success with TikTok content creators,” said ReKTGlobal co-founder and CEO Dave Bialek. “This partnership now affords gaming and esports influencers and athletes with unparalleled support, insights and execution. TXG further cements ReKTGlobal as the most diversified and unequivocal leader in esports marketing.”

The talent agency aims to buck many of the trends seen in current entertainment representation for the wild west of social media celebrities and influencers.

TalentX has already begun a 'creator first' social media monetization relationship with TikTok's top 1% of creators, including Sway House which has already racked up a million followers in the first month of launching at the start of this year.

Founded by YouTuber Tal 'Reaction Time' Fishman and Jason Wilhelm, SoaR Esports' former Managing Director of Talent, TalentX has already enlisted 60 of the world's top social media stars and forges partnerships with brands such as Amazon, Reebok and American Eagle. With the addition of ReKTGlobal's Call of Duty, Overwatch, Rocket League and League of Legends teams to the agency's roster, TalentX Gaming (or TXG) is looking set to change the way creators link with products and services.

“As creators and successful influencers ourselves, we understand what it takes to create content that can go viral and create new stars overnight,” said TXG board member Tal Fishman. “Bringing our success together with ReKTGlobal will bridge the gap for gaming content creators and esports athletes who want to take their influence and personal brand power to the next level.”


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