Color along with Emuhleet with these CS:GO coloring in pages

Print out these CS:GO coloring in pages to color along with Emuhleet when she gives her Crash Course this Thursday.

This week's HyperX Crash Course stream will feature Dignitas CS:GO player Emuhleet teaching us how to pull off some Global Elite moves in the game and on paper.

Specifically, our resident spray-control master will be teaching you how to control a different instrument of art as you color in graffiti from the game's spray library.

To get ahead of the game, you can download the coloring-in sheets and print them off now ready for Emuhleet's Crash Course stream this Thursday, May 14 at 12pm PST.

Download the coloring-in sheets to print off here.

Check out all of the sprays you'll be coloring along with Emuhleet above, and see if you can't do better than our atrocious attempt at the top there. We even had Photoshop's fill bucket tool and it still went that badly. Do better.

You can watch Emuhleet's Crash Course this Thursday, May 14 at 12pm PST, on the HyperX Twitch channel and you'll see more professional work than our attempts, that's for sure.


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