Job listing claims PS5 scheduled for release this October (UPDATED)

A Japanese job listing for Sony Interactive Entertainment said the PlayStation 5 is 'scheduled to release in October 2020', but Sony denies the date.

A Japanese job listing stating PlayStation 5 is 'scheduled to be released in October 2020' has been claimed as a mistake by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The listing for a purchaser opportunity at Sony's Minato-ku, Tokyo headquarters stated the scheduled release window as part of the job description.

"You will select the best suppliers from domestic and overseas parts partners, and adjust the specifications of hardware parts and production capacity in co-operation with the design department and the quality assurance department to create the PlayStation 5, scheduled to be released in October 2020." You can see the official job listing in Japanese below, before Sony's denial.

PS5 release date October 2020
The Japanese job listing claimed a PS5 release date could come as early as October 2020, but Sony has now denied it.

The PS5 release date mentioned in this job listing is the first time an official communication from Sony Interactive Entertainment mentioned a window more specific than "Holiday 2020", but Sony has now claimed to Famitsu magazine that the date was erroneously posted by a recruitment agency.

In the past few months, there has been a stand-off between Microsoft and Sony as they wait to see who blinks first in announcing details about their next generation consoles, with Sony's investors being told on an earnings call at the start of the year that they were waiting to see what competitors were planning before even settling on a price for the PS5.

This has been compounded, somewhat, by the ramifications of the global coronavirus pandemic, which shut down large swathes of the production facilities in China's manufacturing centers. This has caused a rise in component costs at a crucial time in the development schedule for a new generation of consoles and smartphones, with analysts predicting increased costs for the consumer when they do eventually come out.

Those production line interruptions could also lead to a delay in any established release schedule Sony already had for the PS5, meaning that this October 2020 date could have been a previous target window but is now outdated.

We'll need to wait and see when the PS5 will come out, though we might not be waiting long as Geoff Keighley has promised a season of announcements to make up for E3 and Gamescom not happening this year.


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