Have you tried Valorant's parkour course minigame?

Take a bunny-hopping break from competitive matches to try your hand at Valorant's hidden parkour course.

Valorant has made quite the splash on the competitive gaming scene, hosting several online tournaments that have drawn pros from CS:GO, Apex Legends, Overwatch and more. We’ve put our own fair share of time into the closed beta and thoroughly enjoyed the Counter-Strike inspired gunplay. But while most of us have been enamored with the shooting and team-based competition, others have been spending their time perfecting an entirely different set of skills: Valorant parkour.

If, like us, you’ve spent the majority of your Valorant time in matchmade games, you might be wondering what the heck Valorant parkour even is. No, this isn’t a fan creation, it’s an actual thing hidden in the game’s training mode. 

Valorant's parkour course minigame

valorant parkour course where to start
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Load up the open range option on the tutorial section, turn around from the spawn point  head backwards and look for the blue paint on the wall and floor to the right. Run over it and you’ll see the message “Course Started” pop up. From here, you need to hop, run and jump your way along the course marked by blue footprints and hands, hitting checkpoints along the way. 

Naturally, picking the aerial duelist Jett is the easiest way to follow the course to completion thanks to her updraft ability and slowed falling. However, it’s possible to complete with any agent, without using any abilities at all. Naturally, that means speedrunners have already made it their mission to bunny hop through the entire thing, picking up every single checkpoint along the way and showing the rest of us chumps just how poor our movement skills are. 

Check out this one-minute Brimstone run posted by Ynkzzz asd recently and prepare to be puzzled by everything that’s happening on your screen:

And we can barely scrabble around the thing while cheating with Jett!
Valorant isn’t an official sequel to Counter-Strike, but it’s great to see that the movement antics of Valve’s Source-based shooter haven’t been left out when it comes to Valorant either. We may not have the majesty of surf servers for Valorant, but we’re happy to see parkour make the jump as well. If Valorant ever gets its own map creator, we look forward to seeing what ridiculous challenges its community can cook up there as well.

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Have you completed Valorant’s parkour course? Did it help you in your matches in any way? Let us know down in the comments below.

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