Maneater devs share helpful tips ahead of release

Be the best shark you can be with these developer tips!

Maneater is swimming closer and closer to its Friday release date. To celebrate the game’s upcoming launch, Tripwire added a new post to the Epic Games Store blog outlining some helpful tips to keep in mind before diving into the game. Looking forward to Maneater? Prepare yourself with these pro tips!

Maneater devs share helpful tips ahead of release

Maneater devs share helpful tips ahead of release
Before diving into Maneater, you may want to read through some tips shared by the devs ahead of the game's release.
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Before you start your journey in Maneater, it may be worth it to go over some expert tips. When we say expert, we mean these tips are straight from the brains behind Maneater. On the Epic Games Store blog, the Tripwire team posted a short guide to help you be the deadliest shark in the sea.

The first tips address one of the main staples of the game… being able to eat just about anything as a powerful shark. Whether you’re eating humans or chowing down on some sea turtles, the key thing to keep in mind here is that eating is not just fun, it has a purpose.

“Eating wildlife and/or humans will grant you a small health boost AND a few of the game’s four vital nutrients. These nutrients are fats, proteins, minerals, and Mutagen X. Collecting enough nutrients will allow you to upgrade your shark as you continue to progress through the game,” the blog post explains.

Speaking of upgrading your shark, the evolution system in Maneater is quite robust. Not only will you farm for nutrients by eating everything and anything you can, you’ll be able to watch as your tiny little bull shark grows from a baby into a large, terrifying predator.

“Evolving your shark is a crucial pillar of Maneater’s gameplay. In addition to being able to level up its abilities as you gain XP and nutrients, the shark actually grows in size! Over the course of the game, you’ll grow from a vulnerable pup shark all the way to a practically unstoppable elder shark complete with unique evolutions that add armor and elemental damage abilities and modify combat in crazy and interesting ways.”

You won’t be confined to eating meals of fish and people in one or two areas. Instead, the game is an open-world RPG with seven unique regions to explore. Every region has a unique ecosystem of tasty fish snacks to consume as well as landmarks and threats.

For example, you could run into an alligator that’s a higher level than you. Rather than tangle with it, you may want to avoid it. While you’re exploring, you’ll be treated to some informational commentary from Chris Parnell (Archer, Rick and Morty) who explains what the shark is doing and what’s going on around the shark.

The post ends by reminding players to make use of all the diverse tools given to you in Maneater. You’ll want to eat, explore, and evolve your shark into an unstoppable force.

All in all, the gameplay sounds like a ton of fun, and we can’t wait to sink our teeth into Maneater once it’s released on Friday, May 22 for PC (via the Epic Games Store), PS4, and Xbox One. For more on what to expect from Maneater, be sure to check out the full post from Tripwire over on the Epic Games Store blog.

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