What is the max level cap in Maneater?

The highest level your shark can reach and the levels at which it evolves.

As you swim through Maneater eating and leveling up, you may find yourself wondering what the max level cap is. At what point does your reach its Mega evolution and stop growing? To help answer this question, we’ve put together a quick guide on the max level cap in Maneater.

What is the max level cap in Maneater?

What is the max level cap in Maneater
The max level cap in Maneater is Level 30 when you evolve into a Mega.
  • The max level cap in Maneater is Level 30.

Once you reach Level 30, you’ll evolve into a Mega, your shark’s final evolution. Even though you no longer level up and grow in size at this point, you’ll want to continue eating fish and people for the Nutrients (Fat, Minerals, Protein, and Mutagen) they provide.

With these Nutrients, you can do other things with your shark such as customizing the way it looks and there are some seriously cool shark designs in Maneater.

At the start of the game, you’re a baby shark swimming around the swampy waters of Fawtick Bayou. To survive and grow strong enough to get your revenge on Scaly Pete, you’ll need to eat everything you can. When you reach Level 4 you’ll reach your first evolution – Teen. After that, you’ll need to progress to Level 10 for the Adult evolution, Level 20 for Elder, and finally Level 30 for Mega, your final evolution.

To level up quickly, you’ll want to not only kill everything that moves, but also keep an eye out for creatures with a red health bar. These creatures are harder to kill, but yield more experience than your average grouper or seal. You can also hunt special creatures with hunts offered as a sort of side quest.

For example, you can hunt one particularly mean alligator in Fawtick Bayou and when you defeat it, you’ll receive a hearty amount of experience. In each explorable area, you’ll also want to keep an eye out for hidden Nutrient Caches. Nutrient Caches serve as the game’s treasure chests where if you bonk them open, you’ll receive a collection of Nutrients as a reward, no fish killing needed.

Again, the max level cap in Maneater is Level 30 when you evolve into a Mega. The evolution progression goes Baby, Teen (Lvl. 4), Adult (Lvl. 10), Elder (Lvl. 20), and Mega (Lvl. 30).

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