Unlock all secret levels in Minecraft Dungeons

Learn how to find and unlock the hidden levels in Minecraft Dungeons so you can keep delving deeper.

I’ve never trusted Minecraft’s cubes. What secrets are those blocks hiding? The answer, as it happens, is a number of secret levels in Minecraft Dungeons. If you’ve already delved too greedily and deep through the campaign, you might want to know how to get a little extra. We getcha, so below we’ve put together a simple guide on how to unlock all secret levels in Minecraft Dungeons.

Unlock all secret levels in Minecraft Dungeons

Unlock all secret levels in minecraft dungeons
There are five secret levels in Minecraft Dungeons! 
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There are five different secret levels in Minecraft Dungeons, and to unlock them you’ll need to explore the game’s core levels well. The secret missions hide powerful items that’ll give you an extra boost, making them well worth working through. Unlocking them involves finding maps hidden throughout the game. Below, we’ll take you through how to unlock all secret levels in Minecraft Dungeons so that you don’t miss out on any of the extra content hidden in the game.

Secret Level 1: Creepy Crypt

Location: Creeper Woods

You’ll need to hunt around the Creeper Woods, sticking to the left side until you find an optional pathway that leads off to the left. Follow this path until you reach a circular space and see a stone temple door with a switch on the floor next to it. Step on it and you can enter to find the map within.

Secret Level 2: Soggy Cave

Location: Soggy Swamp

This level can be a bit of a pain to find and may require multiple runs, but you will be able to get it eventually. Head through to the second area and start looking through the dungeons on the left side of the level. If you find an old ruin, you’re in the right place. Enter the caves and solve the puzzles inside to get access to this hidden level.

Secret Level 3: Arch Haven

Location: Pumpkin Pastures

To access the first secret level in Minecraft Dungeons, you need to explore the pirate ship located along an optional side path. Make your way to the lower level of the ship and find the map that’s in the back end of the room. You’ll be attacked by a throng of enemies here, but if you survive the assault you’ll get access to the Arch Haven level.

Secret Level 4: Underhalls

Location: Highblock Halls

Underhalls is a secret prison level in the Highblock Halls stage. Near the start of the level you should find some stairs that lead to a prominent pair of shields hanging on walls either side of a gap. Interact with the shields and the doorway between them will open up. There’s a map sitting on a pedestal inside this hidden room that’ll unlock the Underhalls secret level.

Secret Level 5: Moo?

Location: The lobby camp

By far the hardest level to unlock, getting access to this level you need to collect all 10 Runes hidden throughout the game. Before you can grab them, you need to have beaten the game on the basic difficulty to unlock the next level up. Once you’ve done that, make your way to the church that’s found near your campsite (over the springy pads then left into the woods). Interact with the dog painting inside the church, then head out and collect your runes. Return to the church after grabbing all the runes and you can interact with the golden button at the end to open a secret chamber with a map to the level.

And there you go! How to unlock all secret levels in Minecraft Dungeons. We hope you enjoy testing your party against these extra challenges and secure some rare loot!

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