The best gaming TikToks in May 2020

We've rounded up the best gaming TikToks celebrating #EsportsForAll for May's dose of video smiles.

It’s that time of the month again where we look back at the last 1/12 of the year to rustle up the best gaming TikToks in May 2020 before serving them up to your ravenous eyes. Delicious.

TikTok has slowly been gathering support among gaming communities, even holding the search for Fortnite's next dance emote, but now that everyone's on the lip-syncing video platform there's way more than dodgy dance moves on there.

This month we’re celebrating the inclusivity of competitive gaming through the EsportsForAll hashtag. No matter your age or experience, gaming and esports can be a blast to take part in as both player and spectator. In the spirit of welcoming everyone to the esports community, here are our picks for the best gaming TikToks in May 2020.

The best gaming TikToks in May 2020

Sometimes life hits you hard, and for many of us 2020 has been an especially swift sucker punch applied directly to the moneymaker. In these times, it’s important to remember that we’re not alone. Even the skilled folks at CapcomFighters are having a tough time of it, but they’re nice enough to raise a smile along the way.


Gill 2020 ##esportsforall ##streetfighter ##sfv ##fgc ##capcom ##fyp ##foryoupage ##esports ##fightinggames @thestreetwriter @streetfighter

original sound - capcomfighters

Mom gamers rise up! Sure, the best of the best at Fortnite might be showing spewing out building parts and headshots at incomprehensible speeds, but everyone has to start somewhere. As Tessa Bear shows, even newcomers can make it to the final stages of the ring with some careful movement and a good shed to hide in. The real question is why she’s being made to play in windowed mode.


i tried to turn my mum into a gamer  ##esportsforall

Wow. - Post Malone

Sometimes esports is all about being there for the moment. Whether you were at an event in person, or watching along with an online stream, you were a part of something. With offline tournaments on hold for the foreseeable future, 100 Thieves joined in with #EsportsForAll to remind us of MrSavage’s brilliant Fortnite victory from DreamHack Anaheim this February. Boy does that already feel like a long time ago.


Throwback to @mrsavage100t winning DreamHack Anaheim  ##fortnite ##gaming ##esportsforall ##fps

original sound - 100thieves

Watching professional video game players at work can sometimes be exhausting. Outrageous flick shots, sky-high APM, and perfectly executed strategies; are these people even human? Well, for all the brilliant plays they dazzle us with, even the superstars make mistakes. ESLGaming shared this hilarious clip of two CS:GO pros practically kissing without even realising it. A moment of awkwardness, or is love blooming on the battlefield?


Surprise!! How is your reaction time? @teamliquid ##esportsforall ##counterstrike ##funny ##csgo ##csgofunnymoments ##gamingontiktok ##proplays

original sound - eslgaming

Age is just a number, and if we’ve learned anything from video games it’s that watching your high-score tick up is mighty satisfying, so here’s a hearty congratulations to 90 year old Japanese gaming grandma Hamako Mori — shared by Guinness World Records — for racking up an impressive life score while still kicking butt in the virtual world.


90-year-old Gamer Grandma Hamako Mori loves ##gta5 ##esportsforall ##gaming

original sound - guinnessworldrecords

Those were our picks for the best gaming TikToks from May 2020. Have we missed any corkers? Share them with us in the comments below! If you’re still craving more then you can click here to catch April’s Animal Crossing roundup as well.

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