You can now decide which Valorant Agent has the best taste in music

Just remember to turn the tunes off once the match starts.

Listening to anything good today? If not, Riot Games might have some suggestions for you. Valorant takes a lot of its gameplay design from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but when it comes to the characters and world,  there's a clear tilt towards the likes of Overwatch and the developement studio's own League of Legends. Flashy animations and in-game quips are one thing, but Riot has decided to step up their world building further by releasing Spotify playlists for each and every hero in the game. That's right, if you want to know which grooves Jett uses to pump herself up before a match, that's now public knowledge. And yes, Omen really is the kinda guy who'd listen to a track called Generosity of Solitude.

Now, creating musical playlists for a fictional character might seem a little silly at first, but we actually kind of dig it as a nice way to add a touch of character to the cast without lengthy cinematics for each. Plus, we're always open to discovering new tracks. As you might expect, each character's selection are heavily influenced by their nationality and personality. Phoenix, sporting his distinct London accent, features the likes of Stomrzy, Aj Tracey and Skepta, while Jett -- fittingly for her voice actor -- features several different K-Pop artists.

The differenty playlists were all shared on the officlal Valorant Twitter account in the run up to the game's 1.0 launch. You can find them all on the Valorant Spotify page, but we'll link each one below as well so you can easily skip to the agent you're after.

Valorant Agent Spotify playlists

Valorant Agent spotify playlists
© Riot Games

We've been enjoying each that we've listened to so far, especially Sage's mix of relaxing and upbeat tracks. However, we were more than a little disapointed to see Britney Spears' Toxic absent from poison-cloud queen Viper's list. What's the big deal there, Riot?

Here's hoping Riot Games keeps this up for all future Agents added to the game, as we can always do with extra playlists to accompany our work day. One word of warning to all listeners though. These might be Valorant playlists, but we don't recommend listening to them while you play. Sound is exceptionally important in a competitive FPS, and as much as blasting Omen's moody beats might make your teleports feel cool, you'll probably just end up materializing into the waiting barrel of a gun. If you do want to imrpove, consider checking out our list of handy tips and tricks by clicking here instead.

Which Valorant Spotify playlist was your favorite? Let us know down in the comments.

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