Monster Hunter World has a day-one update

Don't worry, it's not that big.

Monster Hunter World is coming at the end of this week, and will require a day one update.

Fortunately, unlike the gigabytes many games ask you to download before playing, Monster Hunter World’s 1.01 update will only weigh in at roughly 815MB, so even those with bad connections should hopefully be able to play on the day of release.

The update is fairly important, as it adds online multiplayer, event quests, chat and the full suite of online features.

There are also a host of bug fixes included, along with a Gallery option on the main menu which lets you rewatch the cutscenes you’ve encountered so far.

Finally, the update also adds Poogies to the game. The adorable little piglets can join you as a pet. If you befriend one enough (through petting of course) it’ll even help you locate treasure.

Monster Hunter World releases on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Jan 26, with the PC version arriving later in the year.

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