The top 10 best PS4 games

Looking for something new to play? This lot are essential.

Sony’s console benefits from some of the most sought-after exclusives of this generation, and our top 10 PS4 games list champions some of the bigger experiences that make the greatest possible argument for curling up on the sofa in front of the best TV in the house. All of the games below are gobsmacking in their own right, with many unique to PlayStation 4.

1. The Last of Us Remastered

As exclusive PlayStation experiences go, this visual upgrade to the seminal PlayStation 3 title will always be essential in our books. Though it is possible to approach The Last of Us purely seeking the thrill of survival amid a zombie apocalypse, shooting at monsters, solving some puzzles, it is also impossible to ignore the hard-hitting narrative, almost from the beginning. That’s not to say that the action ever falls short of expectations; the Clickers are among the most terrifying enemies ever faced. Just brace yourself for an emotional ride too. That’s the memory that lingers longest.

2. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Naughty Dog raises the bar for believable human drama within a game while setting new standards for action-oriented sequences that are as gripping to watch as they are to play. Performances from Nolan North (Nathan), Troy Baker (Samuel), Emily Rose (Elena) and Richard McGonagle (Victor) are so natural that we find ourselves hanging off every word. Antagonists Rafe and Nadine (Warren Kole and Laura Bailey respectively) are complex too. We don’t want to ruin the stunning set-pieces for you, but expect to see the world around Drake behave every inch as explosively as the explorer himself.

3. Destiny 2

Bungie’s pioneering online looter-shooter takes a lot of flak from its biggest supporters, which tells you all you need to know about how important Destiny has become by now. How it came to matter so much is owing to teams of Guardians pulling together through some of the most breath-taking encounters in sci-fi FPS history, and by no means is this an understatement. True, Destiny 2 toys with a formula that has been in flux since 2014, and it’s this that has the loyalists up in arms. This doesn’t stop the core experience from being phenomenal.

4. Final Fantasy XV

Director Hajime Tabata and his team take a sideways look at traditional JRPG tropes, very aware of western perception, to present Final Fantasy XV as something new and compelling. It’s even fine that you make a rush to judgement regarding the main protagonists; a typical hero, his super-serious sidekicks plus that one guy who exists for comedy value, an idiot. That’s not who they really are, and Final Fantasy XV delights in not always panning out in ways we expect. Even during the occasions where XV isn’t perfect, its message is strong with moments that matter.

5. Life is Strange: Before the Storm

This interactive teen-angst drama from Deck Nine obviously benefits from the exceptional work of DONTNOD in Season One, but absolutely stands on its own merits. Before the Storm takes the brave step of casting aside all supernatural elements that we associated with Max, focusing instead on the troubled times of Chloe Price and unlikely partner in crime Rachel Amber. It’s a teenage tale, but only rarely are we conscious of the menial tasks that college students are dragged into, becoming increasingly aware of what’s happening in hearts and minds… and why. You should check it out.


Paul’s first videogame was Space Invaders in 1978, which gives away his age a bit. We put his encyclopedic knowledge of the beforetimes to good use in our Retro coverage. If you want to reach Paul, you can email or tweet him @FutureKick.

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