How to do the forge AFK farm in Destiny 2

Gain Umbral Engrams and raise your power by learning how to forge AFK farm in Destiny 2.

A new season? Time to crush another wave of Guardians under the wheels of grinding! We regularly submit ourselves to the farm grind in Destiny 2, but right now there’s a method to work your way through the Power levels without spending countless hours playing. The forge AFK farm in Destiny 2 is a technique that, when performed correctly, will help you speed your way up the Power mountain without hurting anyone else playing the game. Want to know how to set up an AFK farm for a forge and load up on Umbral Engrams? It might feel cheeky, but follow the steps below and you won’t annoy a soul.

How to do the forge AFK farm in Destiny 2

How to forge afk farm in Destiny 2
Set it up correctly and no one will suffer when you forge AFK farm in Destiny 2. 
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So to make things explicitly clear, we do not recommend going AFK in a forge that has other players taking part. You’ll be a right pain in their rears, and to make matters worse, you’ll even farm more slowly. Here’s how to do the forge AFK farm in Destiny 2 properly.

Start by reducing your great to a low Power level. Ideally you want to be less than 750 Power. This means you won’t match with players actually aiming to beat the forge and secure shaders. If you need to, you can buy low power equipment from various vendors. Get your gear as low as you can before starting.

Next, launch the forge from the EDZ. From there, simply let it run through the time limit, fail, and return you to the matchmaking queue. From here the forges will simply continue to run and fail until your console turns off or you stop it. Farming won’t work for most materials, but in the Season of Arrivals it will let you earn Umbral Engrams.

At this low power level, you should only be matched with other players attempting to run the forge AFK farm in Destiny 2, but obviously it’s safer to run with a full fireteam of AFK friends to ensure you don’t cause problems for someone else. Once you have a full stash of Umbral Engrams, head to the Prismatic Recaster and turn them into Armor-focused Engrams. Pick up some weapon engrams from vendors as well and you’ll be working through the Power levels like nobody’s business!

To recap, the steps to do the forge ADK farm in Destiny 2 are as follows:

  • Reduce your power level as much as possible (<750)
  • Join the EDZ forge matchmaking queue
  • Leave your game running as it loads into the forge, fails, then rejoins the queue
  • Collect your Umbral Engrams!

That’s all we have to say about the forge AFK farm in Destiny 2. We’ve no doubt Bungie will patch it at some point, but for now it’s a great way to raise your Power without grinding too much. For more Season of Arrivals guides, check out our guides for how to get Altered Element and Twisted Energy. Otherwise, click here to head to our game hub for more tips, tricks, and features.

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