How to get Valorant Points

There's only one way to get Valorant Points that'll unlock new characters or the battle pass in Riot's shooter.

Points usually mean prizes, but in Valorant’s case they also mean Agents, too. If you’ve spent any time on the Valorant in-game store, admiring the battle pass rewards or checking out the remaining Agents, you’ll have noticed there are plenty of ways to spend Valorant Points if you’ve got ‘em. Oddly, the game’s UI does a pretty poor job of actually explaining how to get Valorant Points to spend, so we’ve put together a quick explainer guide for you.

How to get Valorant Points

How to get Valorant Points in Valorant
You need to click the small V icon in the top right to get Valorant Points.
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As the game’s main premium currency, the only way to get Valorant Points is to purchase them from the Valorant Point shop. Oddly, many of the paid things in the game such as Agent contracts, the battle pass and the weapon skins don’t seem to point you directly towards the place to get Valorant Points from. If you want to buy some for yourself, you need to click on the small V icon in the top right corner of the main menu screen, as highlighted above. 

How to buy Valorant Points
Right now, the store is the only way to get Valorant Points. 
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Here you can get Valorant Points in various bundles. Right now, packs of 525, 1100, 2250, 4000, 5800, and 12000 are available. Most things of value like the battle pass and Agent unlocks will cost you around 1000 Valorant points. So you’ll need to pick up the 1100 bundle if you want to get anything decent. Skins from the store cost an awful lot more, and are generally agreed to be outrageously expensive (a single bundle can set you back $70 or more), so we don’t recommend spending Valorant points on these right now unless money really isn’t an issue for you. Once you have some Valorant Points, you can then purchase Agent contract levels or pick up the battle pass whenever you like.

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This is the only way to get Valorant Points right now, so do not trust online sites promising free Valorant Points or unlocks. It's possible Riot May add challenges later than reward you with a few points, but given it's a premium currency, you should never trust any website asking for your details in return for free points. It’s also worth noting that you can unlock Agents by completing their contracts. It takes a while, but this is a free system that there’s no reason not to use, as you’ll slowly work your way to an unlock through just playing the game.  For more Valorant guides, tips, and features, click here to head over to our game hub.

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