Sims virtual Pride Parade begins today

Post your Sim with #SimParade2020 for a chance to be featured in the end-of-month stream.

The Sims’ virtual Pride Parade kicks off today, letting players submit their entries for the official Sims Pride Celebration Event at the end of the month.

Celebrating Pride is a difficult ask for many LGBTQ+ folks around the world right now. Whether it’s due to concerns over coronavirus or in support of Black Lives Matter protests, many won’t feel comfortable heading out in celebration. But that certainly doesn’t mean Pride month shouldn’t be recognized at all, and for Sims fans this month, EA is holding a special event to celebrate LGBTQ+ members of their community (via Prima Games).

Starting from today, Sims players are encouraged to submit their best Sims Pride photos on social media using #SimsPride2020 with the post. Uploads are being accepted until June 29, with the best submissions being showcased in a massive group photo furing the Virtual Pride Parade on June 30. The final event will be hosted on The Sims Twitch channel by YouTuber EnglishSimmer, and is intended to showcase the brilliant community around the game. 

“We want you to show your full expression of self,” the announcing EA blog post reads. “Be you. Embrace your fabulousness. Honor our history; honor each other. Whoever and however you love, whoever you are—whether you’re a woman, a man, neither, or both—be proud. Play with life. Play with love.”

The Sims Pride event
© EA

The post also acknowledges the challenges faced by many in the current world climate, and concerns many may have over celebrating right now.

“Celebrating Pride might feel complicated as people face the systemic oppression of the Black community head-on and brave the isolation of COVID-19. But none of us are alone,” the post states.

“This month, and every month, it is critical to support equality on all levels. The Sims is committed to creating the world as it should be, one that is kinder, more connected, and built on representation and freedom of expression. We believe diverse and inclusive worlds are better worlds, both virtual and real.”

The event may have officially kicked off today, but there’s no need to rush to get it in soon if this is the first time you’re hearing about it. If you want to take part in The Sims Pride event, make sure you snap an image that you think captures the essence of your Sim and share it on social media with #SimsPride2020 by June 29.

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