Fortnite's season finale The Device event caps out at 12m players in-game

More than 12m Fortnite fans logged in to watch The Device event, with more than 8m others watching streams.

Fortnite's season-ending event, The Device, left many fans out in the cold last night as huge demand caused login issues for players around the world.

Following on from Travis Scott's record-breaking concert audiences which saw more than 12.3 million players log in, similar numbers for The Device resulted in some players being unable to watch in-game despite joining lobbies more than half an hour beforehand.

According to Epic Games, player numbers were capped at 12 million to improve stability for the event, while more than 8.4 million others watched on streams through Twitch and YouTube.

Epic said that as they continue to offer these virtual events that draw staggering numbers of gamers together at one time, they're working to improve systems to allow more people to experience them in-game.

Were you one of the lucky 60% to make it into a lobby before the cut-off point, or did you have to watch the season finale The Device event through someone else's stream?

If you didn't catch the event at all, you can see what the end of Chapter 2 Season 2 looked like in the below recording, as a doomsday device attempts to actually save the world by pushing back the constantly closing storm that has pursued us for years now. Instead it blew up the agency and turned the storm into water instead. Close enough, tbh?

Season 3 is scheduled to start tomorrow, Wednesday June 17, early in the morning Eastern Time, usually with maintenance around 2am lasting for a few hours.

Did you check out The Device Fortnite event live? Or are you one of the 8.4 million left watching through YouTube and Twitch?


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