Pokemon Smile recruits Pikachu to help your kids brush their teeth

New smartphone app Pokemon Smile lets kids catch Pokemon by brushing their teeth.

Pokemon Smile is a new smartphone app that will teach your kids to brush their teeth by letting them catch new friends in the process.

The new app, available today on iOS and Android, lets kids use AR technology and your phone's front-facing camera to play a mini-game where they brush in the right direction to catch Pokemon.

Catching Pokemon lets your child (or you, we won't judge, everyone could do with making dental hygiene more fun) equip different AR hats, like a sort of Snapchat filter. Do kids still use Snapchat anymore? Oh no, our age, it shows.

There's a sort of weird story to the app/game as well, as the evil cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth have kidnapped Pokemon and it's your job to rescue them. There are more than 100 to collect/save, and doing so will fill up your Pokedex, helping you unlock caps to wear while brushing.

There are also awards and achievements for brushing like a pro, and you can take photos while wearing the AR hats. There are also settings for alarms and notifications to remind you to brush your teeth three times a day. This is alongside tips on how to better brush your teeth and other guidance, perfect for the new brushers among us. 

We won't judge you if you want to download Pokemon Smile for iOS and Android if you don't have kids. Are you excited to catch Pokemon while brushing your teeth?


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