Pokemon Cafe Mix is a new free-to-play matching puzzler for mobiles and Switch

You can pre-load new puzzler Pokemon Cafe Mix on mobile and Switch now ahead of its June 23 release.

Pokemon Cafe Mix is a new matching puzzle game, coming to Switch and mobile devices on June 23, where you run a cafe that Pokemon like to hang out at.

The puzzler is free-to-start, meaning there'll be in-game purchases for the Golden Acorns currency to help you skip timers, regain hearts or acquire upgrade materials. However a disclaimer on the game's trailer states: "Basic gameplay is available at no cost. (Optional in-game purchases available.)"

You can preload the game already on Nintendo Switch eShop and Google Play Store ahead of release, so that you're ready to start playing on June 23.

The game puts you in charge of a cafe that Pokemon like to visit, allowing you to recruit more Pokemon as staff (with adorable uniforms) and use their abilities to cook even more dishes, and upgrade the cafe to improve the menu thus increasing the number of Pokemon that will drop by.

Gameplay is standard match-puzzler fare, you aim to clear icons out of the playing field by matching them with others of the same type and linking together long strings to form combos and improve your score. Higher scores mean better-tasting cakes and teas, of course. The game's description on the eShop reads:

"As you complete puzzles to build a world-class café, you’ll face obstacles such as sugar cubes, dollops of whipped cream, and tomatoes! Use your puzzle skills to clear them and employ the help of Pokémon’s Café Skills for some extra oomph! In addition to Café Skills, each Pokémon staff member has a specialty. Match a Pokémon’s specialty with the dish or drink you are making for bonuses in puzzles.

"Once a day you can invite two randomly-selected Pokémon to your café. Looking for a specific Pokémon to join your staff? With Golden Acorns you can refresh this selection.

"In addition to recruiting more Pokémon staff members and growing your collection of menu items, the café itself will expand as you play! Getting new tools or having areas added to your café may even draw in more customers. All the action in Pokémon Café Mix unfolds in a playful art style that brings out the cuteness of your Pokémon pals and patrons. It’s time to become a café owner, solve puzzles, and bring joy to Pokémon patrons!"

Will you be pre-loading Pokemon Cafe Mix ahead of its June 23 release on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices? Or are you more excited about New Pokemon Snap announced at the same time?


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