All safe codes in The Last of Us Part 2

Learn The Last of Us Part 2 safe codes and combinations in our spoiler-free list so you can secure some extra upgrades.

If video game characters wanted their stuff to stay locked up, then they wouldn’t keep leaving the codes lying around. Exploring in The Last of Us Part 2 will lead you to discover a number of different combination safes containing valuable items or supplies. Unfortunately, finding the codes for them is usually a lot easy. If you’ve been struggling to locate the code for any of the safes you come across in The Last of Us Part 2, or you don’t have the time to hunt them down, we can help. In this guide you’ll find all the safe codes we’ve come across in The Last of Us Part 2 so far.

Safe codes in The Last of Us Part 2

All safe codes in the last of us Part 2
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We've done out best to keep this list as spoiler free as possible, especially when dealign with the latter half of the game. If even chapter names are likely a spoiler to you, then avoid scrolling down past the initial codes. As a result, we won't be giving much advice for how to find the safe locations. Instead, we're focussing just on the safe codes in The Last of Us Part 2. We’ll update this guide before too long to include images and further details, so stay tuned for that. For the final sections we've literally just listed the chapter and the code, with no other details, so hopefully you can keep your run clean.

Jackson safe code

Code: 07 / 20 / 13

Contains: Gun Parts and Supplements

Found early on while clearing infected out with Dina.

Bank vault code

Code: 60 / 23 / 06

Contains: Pump Shotgun and Drake’s ring

The bank vault is in downtown Seattle, found during the Downtown segment.

Madison Street Gate safe code

Code: 04 / 51

Found on Madison Street during the Downtown segment.

Courthouse safe code

Code: 86 / 07 / 22

Contains: Gun parts and Supplements

Found inside the courthouse office during the Downtown segment.

All safe code solutions in the last of us part 2
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Underground Soda safe code

Code: 15243

Contains: Supplements, Ammo and Supplies

Found near the vending machine in the underground area

Wellwishers Staci safe code

Code: 55 / 01 / 33

Inside the Wellwishers store, with a note telling you about Staci’s phone number.

Auto repair garage safe code

Code: 30 / 82 / 65

Contains: Short Gun Holster, Gun Parts and Ammo.

Found in the repair shop behind the tattoo shop.

Bedroom safe code

Code: 10 / 08 / 83

Contains: A lot of supplements

Found in a bedroom of a house on the way to the hospital.

Pharmacy safe code

Code: 38 / 55 / 23

Contains: Supplements, Medkit and Explosive Arrows.

Found inside Weston’s Pharmacy, through a narrow crack.

Flooded City safe code

Code: 70 / 12 / 64

Contains: Gun Parts, Supplements, Ammo and other resources.

Seen from the boat, then found after hopping off the boat and heading up the stairs.

To avoid any chance of giving spoilers, the remaining codes are simply listed with their chapter:

  • On Foot code: 17 / 38 / 07
  • Hostile Territory: 68 / 96 / 89
  • The Coast: 90 / 77 / 01
  • The Shortcut: 30 / 23 / 04
  • The Descent: 12 / 18 / 79

Those are all the safe codes we’ve found in The Last of Us Part 2. Hopefully you've earned some extra weapon upgrades and loot by unlocking those you came across while exploring.

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