Min Min moveset in Smash Ultimate

The Arms fighter has been officially revealed by Nintendo - here's a look at Min Min's moveset in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

During a special livestream today, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai hosted a showcase of Min Min, the next DLC character joining the all-star lineup. In footage recorded at his home, Sakurai revealed the noodle-armed character and gave us a glimpse of them in action. From the footage shown, we’ve done our best to put together a list of the full Min Min moveset in Smash Ultimate.

Min Min moveset in Smash Ultimate

Min Min moveset in Smash Ultimate
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The Arms fighter Min Min is the first character to arrive as part of Fighter Pass 2, which will bring a total of six new characters to the party brawler over the course of the year. We knew back in March that this first newcomer would be arriving from the Arms universe, but today marks our first look at them in action. As part of the showcase, Sakurai gave us a good look at the character’s moveset, as well as the new stage which arrives with them. 

Min Min is an unusual character, having separate control inputs for her left and right arms. For standard attacks, the A button controls her left arm, while the B button controls her right arm. In this manner, you can perform smash attacks with both left and right arms, even firing them in different directions. Here’s a breakdown of all the moves we’ve seen so far.

Min Min tilts jabs and throws

Min Min moveset super smash bros ultimate
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Jab: Min Min unleashes a quick combo of kicks, ending in a rapid flurry. Holding A fires the arm out.

Forward tilt: Min Min’s throws her arm forward a medium distance. Min Min can move forward and backward while using this move.

Up Tilt: Wheel Kick. An rapid overhead kick that hits in an arc over Min Min's head.

Down Tilt: Unknown.

Dash Attack: A quick jump kick that hits directly in front of her.

Grab: Min Min throws both arms forward a long distance, grabbing any opponents hit. After a successful grab, Min Min powers up her left arm, making it more powerful for several attacks.

Min Min smash attacks

Min min moveset smash attack
© Nintendo

Forward Smash: Min Min fires her arm a long distance forward in front of her. Holding down the attack button with the Dragon arm fires a laser at the end. Can be curved up or down by holding the analogue stick in that direction. Aiming down while in the ground will bounce the arm upwards. Can be performed in the air. Both arms can be smashed together or consecutively.

Up Smash: Somersault kick. Min Min swings her feat overhead in a somersault kick which also reflects projectiles.

Down Smash: Two-leg kick. Min Min hits out in both directions over a short range.

Min Min aerial attacks

Neutral Air: Min Min spins her arm around herself. If using B, the attack changes slightly based on the arm equipped.

Forward Air: the same as her grounded tilt and smash attacks, Min Min fires her arm forward a medium distance for tilts and a long distance for smashes. These attacks can be curved up and down.

Down Air: A dive kick which sends Min Min soaring down and forward rapidly.

Min Min Specials

All min min moves in Smash Ultimate
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Neutral/Forward B: Controls tilt and smash attacks for the right arm.

Up B (ground): Spring jump. Min Min charges a powerful jump which is invincible during the initial leap. The height jumped depends on the charge time.

Up B (in air): Arm Hook. Min Min fires her arm as a tether recovery, pulling herself to the stage.

Down B: Arm change. This move swaps Min Min’s equipped arm

  • Ramram: A ring which spins in a wide arc at the end of your arm’s reach)
  • Megawatt: A powerful but slow ball arm which inflicts heavy damage and knockback)
  • Dragon: The same as the left arm, holding down attack fires a laser from the end of the arm’s attack.
  • Each arm also affects Min Min’s neutral air attack with the B button.

Min Min Final Smash: Arms Rush

Smash ultimate Min Min final smash
© Nintendo

Min Min’s final smash fires her arm forward in a straight line to hit a single target. If the attack lands, the Arms cast unleash a flurry of blows in a cinematic, finishing with a final Dragon hit by Min Min herself.

That’s the full confirmed Min Min moveset for Smash Ultimate. Are you excited for the new character? Let us know in the comments below! The Super Smash Bros. UItimate Arms DLC fighter will arrive in the game on June 26. To get access you’ll need to either purchase Fighter Pass 2 or the individual character.

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