All weapons and upgrades in The Last of Us Part 2

Find out all the different weapons Ellie has access to in The Last of Us Part 2.

Outside the walls of Jackson, the world of The Last of Us Part 2 isn’t a very cheery place. If it’s not infected trying to bite your neck out, it’s trigger-happy paramilitary sorts or crazed cultists. Good thing, then, that Ellie has at her disposal a range of deadly weapons and upgrades in The Last of Us Part 2. Want to know the full run of tools she’ll get access to over the course of the game? We’ve got them all below.

All weapons and upgrades in The Last of Us Part 2

All weapons and upgrades in the last of us part 2
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We’ll be keeping this guide as spoiler free as possible, so will only be covering the weapons and equipment you can obtain up to the end of Seattle Day 3. With that in mind, here are all the weapons and upgrades in The Last of Us Part 2 that Ellie can use, as well as the parts you’ll need to purchase the upgrade.

Semi-Auto Pistol

  • Fire Rate: +45% fire rate - 40 parts 
  • Stability: +35% stability - 50 parts
  • Recoil: +25% accuracy, -35% recoil - 30 parts
  • Capacity (preorder bonus): extended magazine - 50 parts


  • Fire Rate: +35% fire rate - 30 parts
  • Stability: -25% recoil, +35% stability - 50 parts
  • Reload speed: Drastically reduces reload speed - 50 parts
  • Damage: Increases damage - 70 parts

Bolt-Action Rifle

  • Stability: +40% stability - 50 parts
  • Capacity: +3 magazine capacity, +65% reload speed - 20 parts
  • 6x Scope: Adds a long-range scope - 60 parts
  • Damage: Replaces the barrel to fire more powerful shots - 100 parts

Pump Shotgun

  • Fire Rate: Increases rate of fire - 40 parts
  • Stability: -40% recoil, +35% stability - 40 parts
  • Capacity: +2 magazine capacity - 50 parts


  • Draw Speed: Restrings the bow to increase draw speed - 50 parts
  • Stability: +60% stability - 60 parts
  • Rangefinder - marks the distance of enemies on the reticle - 80 parts

Silenced SMG

  • No upgrades

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Other tools/upgrades

  • Craft Melee upgrade: Repairs equipped melee weapon and increases damage
  • Stun/Smoke Bombs: Disorient enemies and block vision when thrown
  • Trap Mines (grab them early here): Planted traps which detonate when enemies approach too closely
  • Explosive arrows (requires explosives/chemistry training manual): Explosive-tipped arrows which detonate on impact for massive damage.

Those are all the weapons and upgrades Ellie has access to in The Last of Us Part 2. There’s more to the game, but we don’t want ruin anything for those still working their way through it. Head over to our game hub for more features, tips and tricks for The Last of Us Part 2.

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