How to get the Truthteller in Destiny 2

The Truthteller exotic grenade launcher in Destiny 2 is a contender for the best weapon in its class, and thankfully it isn't too hard to get either!

The Mountaintop will soon be leaving Destiny 2, and that means there’s space for a new grenade launcher to rule the block. If you’re looking for how to get the Truthteller in Destiny 2 then you’ll want to heed the advice given below, this tube packs a punch, but can be a bit pesky to obtain. There’s a lot of luck involved, but we’ve put together a guide for how to get the Truthteller legendary grenade launcher in Destiny 2 below that’ll have it in your arms before long.

How to get the Truthteller in Destiny 2

How to get the truthteller in destiny 2 grenade launcher
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The good and bad news is that you can get the Truthteller in Destiny 2 by doing pretty much anything in the world that lets you score a Legendary Engram. There are a huge number of weapons that can drop in this manner, making it very luck based whether or not you get the Truthteller. While it may not necessarily speed up your progress, one way to grab the weapon quickly is to spend gunsmith materials with Banshee-44 because they only give Legendary weapons in return. 

You can also give Crucible and Vanguard tokens to vendors like Lord Shaxx who’ll often drop the Truthteller in return. Again this can prove costly, but if you don’t mind playing lots of Crucible matches then it’s a great way to earn the unlock. Unfortunately, you’re entirely reliant on the luck of the dice as to which roll of the weapon you get.

The Truthteller is an Energy slot weapon as can compete with the best ‘nade launchers in the business despite being much easier to get. It comes with a Lightweight Frame that lets you hold to fire then release to detonate, as well as Quickdraw. If you can take the time to grind and get the Truthteller in Destiny 2, we highly recommend doing so. There are plenty of great rolls but we’ve seen the version with Linear Compensator, Spike Grenades, Auto-loading holster, and Demolitionist listed as one of the best. Black Powder is also a powerful option.

Now that you’ve learned how to get the Truthteller legendary grenade launcher in Destiny 2, head over to our game hub by clicking here for more tips and tricks.

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