Fan Art Corner: The Last of Us Part 2

Showcasing our favorite pieces of The Last of Us Part 2 fan art.

Fan Art Corner is a space in which we want to highlight the phenomenal artwork, creations and tributes that the people and communities around our favorite hobby share online. For our first ever edition, there's no better place to start than with the phenomenal fan art of The Last of Us Part 2.

Things got pretty intense back there, didn’t they? Wrapping up The Last of Us Part 2 leaves a pretty heavy emotional weight – one that’s liable take quite a while to shift. Still, while there’s a lot of darkness in Ellie and Abby’s tale, that didn’t stop players from falling in love with the sequel’s broken cast. As a result, talented fans of Naughty Dog’s sequel have flooded the internet with The Last of Us Part 2 fan art. And, as ever, we’ve been blown away by the craft and passion on display. Below, we’ve collected some of our favorite incredible pieces of The Last of Us Part 2 far art for you to enjoy. If you like any of them, be sure to give the artist behind it a follow or some support!

Incredible The Last of Us Part 2 fan art 

Before we begin: a quick spoiler warning. It should go without saying, but many of the pieces below contain strong spoilers for The Last of Us Part 2, so scan through them at your own risk if you haven’t finished the game yet!

In such a dark world, it’s the moments of light and love that have shone strongest for many players. As such it’s the happy – though often melancholic – scenes which are picked for The Last of Us Part 2 fan art. Joel and Ellie’s museum trip is one of the sweetest scenes in the entire game, meaning it’s no surprise to see it getting some love from illustrator Xiao Tong, who shared these adorable cartoon images of the pair on Twitter.

Another moment that’s inspired many is Ellie’s rendition of Take On Me during a quiet moment of her first day in Seattle with Dina. Twitter user Omy Chan gave the pair a fitting a-ha makeover, dressing their pair up for a future remake of the music video. Once the world’s recovered a bit from that whole infection thing, of course.

We also had to share Twitter user iuna’s drawing of the scene, highlighting a brief but oh-so needed smile for our protagonist.

It’s not just Ellie getting appreciation though. Surprise deuteragonist Abby may have made an uncomfortable entrance, but learning her story over the second half of the game won her over for many, including skilled artists and Twitter users Lesly Oh, goldkanet, and Banished Potato.

Joel and Ellie or Dina and Ellie get a lot of adoration, but Abby and Lev are another popular pairing. Here, artist Maddie shares a sweet picture of Lev and Abby in their Santa Barbara designs, with the former clearly over his fear of dogs.

Despite only appearing late in the game, Lev’s story resonated with many. Concept artist Jessie Lam shared this emotional image of the young Seraphite.

Finally we have Lesly Oh again, this time sharing an image that captures the final emotions of the game. Ellie may have stepped back from the brink, but she’ll have to carry a physical reminder of what her search for hatred and revenge cost her.

Have you made or found any other incredible The Last of Us Part 2 fan art? Share it with us and other readers in the comments below!

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