This week's hottest gaming deals - June 29

The hottest gaming deals of the week beginning June 29, the summer of Steam sales has arrived.

We've rounded up the biggest gaming deals of the week for you here, and if you check back throughout the week we'll have even more great discounts on games, consoles and peripherals as we find them. For now, here are the hottest gaming deals we could find for the week beginning June 29. Hopefully you'll find something to keep you going through this extended period of indoorsing now that the sun is getting warmer, and we hope you have a PC to play them on because there's a lot of Steam Sales this week.

Hottest gaming deals of the week - June 29

Steam's Summer of Pride Sale

As it's the last few days of Pride Month we can't let it slip past without shouting out this brilliant selection on sale. Games from publishers supporting the LGBTQ+ community through the Summer of Pride event. You can pick up a number of decent deals in here for games like Sayonara Wild Hearts, Outer Wilds and anything else from Annapurna.

Road Trip Special - Steam

On all of the listed Steam Sales here there's currently an added promotion of an addition $5 off any purchase over $30 which is applied automatically at the checkout. It's per basket, so add a few cheap games together and basically get one free.

Steam Summer Sale

It's the big one, and it's going on until July 9, so go find that big AAA game or indie gem that you were holding off on and get it for one of the best discounts you'll have all year. Or at least until Christmas. You can over 90% off some franchises, like Borderlands and Shadow Warrior. Recently released Ori and the Will of the Wisps is 20% off. Outer Wilds is 33% off already, despite just arriving on Steam the other week after its initial EGS release last year. Titanfall 2 is 67% off and it's the best FPS campaign ever made, so get on that.

New Game Plus Expo Sale - Steam

To celebrate the announcement of dozens of new games from Japanese publishers last week, a number of their current games are going on sale (as well as a collection of their upcoming games to wishlist, too). Get 40% off the Mario Party-like Billion Road just before its next update arrives this week, and pick up Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon for half price now that a sequel has been announced.

11bit Studios sale - Steam

Dozens of brilliant indie games in here, including Frostpunk, Moonlighter, This War of Mine and Children of Morta. Discounts range from 10% off and 33% off full games to 85% off smaller DLC packs.

EA Play sale - Humble

EA Play has given us a taste of what the publisher is bringing to their stable this year, including the flight sim Star Wars: Squadrons which has made us happy. Well, if you include the up to 85% off sale Humble are also putting on of EA games then we're more than happy. Grab Fallen Order for 50% off, if you haven't already. Or, well, we guess you could pick up Anthem for $8.99 and be ready for the big reboot in the future.

Persona 4 Golden - PC, $15.99

One of Atlus' best JRPGs has arrived on PC after its initial release on PS Vita more than five years ago. A great game with plenty of character and joy, and even though this port is fresh out this week you can pick it up for much less than its Vita launch price on Humble.

AER and Stranger Things 3 - PC, FREE

Get yourself a couple of decent indie games, it's an especially good time for Stranger Things 3 as summer's coming up and if you watch the show alongside it you'll get that sort of seasonal synethesia. These are free until July 2 when Conan Exiles and Hue replace them as the free Epic Games Store games of the week.

Wargroove - Switch, $9.99

One of the best little strategy games to play on the go from the last couple of years. If you've been missing that Advance Wars vibe from your tactical battlers then this is the pickup for you.

We'll continue to update these hot gaming deals with all the discounts we find throughout the week. Some Amazon links we use may include an affiliate tag, which helps support the running of this site.


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