Get Hyper Scape closed beta access with Twitch drops by watching streamers now

Ubisoft's latest battle royale Hyper Scape closed beta Twitch drops are active for dozens of streamers right now.

You can get access to Hyper Scape's closed beta through Twitch drops as dozens of streamers are playing the new battle royale right now.

Watch any of the streamers given closed beta access to Hyper Scape by watching their channels now. There's a directory for the new Ubisoft battle royale game so you can pick your favorite streamer to leave on in the background while you work.

The release model is similar to Riot's Valorant closed beta, that saw millions of eager fans crowding into Twitch streams to try and get a closed beta key drop.

In order to get closed beta access to Hyper Scape from Twitch drops, you'll need to have your Ubisoft account linked to your Twitch account. You can do that pretty easily.

Here's how to link your Ubisoft and Twitch accounts to be eligible for Hyper Scape closed beta Twitch drops:

  • Head to this Ubisoft site for Twitch drops
  • Hit the Get Started button
  • Click Login with Twitch on the left.
  • Then Authorize Ubisoft to have access to your Twitch account and details
  • Then in the separate window that opens up, log into your Ubisoft account
  • After that you can check your Ubisoft inventory to see if you got a Twitch drop.

After that, you just need to tune in and watch your favorite streamers playing the game. It's extremely fast-paced, and has a bunch of hack and abilities to suit its VR aesthetic, to give you the advantage in firefights.

Twitch chat can also get involved in the game even without having a Hyper Scape closed beta key, as throughout each match there will be votes through Twitch Extensions to let you choose what the next Event will be. Viewers are polled on one of three events to happen to the match, granting all contenders boons like infinite ammo or low gravity, or even revealing everyone's locations on the map.

Use this to try and help out your favorite streamer if they're low on ammo or on the hunt for someone. This should keep you invested until you manage to get a Hyper Scape closed beta Twitch drop of your own so you can log in and get gaming.


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