Destiny 2 Moments of Triumph 2020 list and rewards

Learn all the Moments of Triumph 2020 challenges you need to overcome to claim the MMXX title and other rewards.

The Moments of Triumph 2020 even is now live in Destiny 2, bringing with it a huge number of challenges to complete over the coming months. You’ve got until September 22 to earn as many Triumphs as you can and aim to earn the MMXX title, which means it’s about time you started studying up on them. Below you’ll find the full Destiny 2 Moments of Triumph 2020 list and the rewards you can earn by completing them.

Destiny 2 Moments of Triumph 2020 list 

Destiny 2 moments of triumph list rewards
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There are a huge number of Triumphs to beat in the 2020 Moments of Triumph period, covering Raids, weekly bounties, dungeons and more. As stated above, the event runs from July 7 - September 22, so you’ll need to get a move on to earn the rewards. Here’s the full list of Triumphs included:

  • Leviathan Raid: Complete the Leviathan Raid.
  • Eater of Worlds Raid: Complete the Eater of Worlds Raid.
  • Spire of Stars Raid: Complete the Spire of Stars Raid.
  • Crown of Sorrow Raid: Complete the Crown of Sorrow Raid.
  • Scourge of the Past Raid: Complete the Scourge of the Past Raid.
  • Triumph Apprentice: Attain a moderate Triumph score (grants a code for the Sunset Emblem).
  • Triumph Master: Attain a high Triumph score (grants a code for the Eclipsed Sunset Emblem).
  • Gun for Hire: Complete 15 bounties throughout the system.
  • Challenger: Complete 10 weekly challenges throughout the system.
  • For the Vanguard: Complete strikes in any playlist.
  • Ordeal or No Deal: Complete Ordeal strikes. Challenging strikes grant the most efficient progress.
  • Season of Arrivals: Valor Legend: During Season of Arrivals, reach the Legend Valor rank and reset your Valor rank.
  • Trials Victories: Win matches in the Trials of Osiris.
  • Gambit Standout: During Season of Arrivals, deposit Motes and defeat combatants with precision final blows in Gambit.
  • K1 Discovered: Complete and loot all of the Moon’s Lost Sectors (our friends at Shacknews have a handy guide).
  • Altars of Sorrow: Final Phase: Defeat a Tier V Nightmare boss.
  • Garden of Salvation: Complete the Garden of Salvation raid.
  • Destroyer of Heretics: Complete the Pit of Heresy.
  • Prophecy Complete: Complete the Prophecy dungeon.
  • Season Pass Rank: Attain rank 100 in Season of Arrivals.
  • Secret Triumph – Interference: Clear the Air: Defeat Savathun’s mysterious Supplicant in mission “Interference”.
  • Exotic Arsenal: Claim the 3 new Exotic weapons from Season of Arrivals (Witherhoard, Ruinous Effigy and Traveler’s Chosen).
  • Hive-God Optometrist: Find and destroy all of Savathun’s Eyes (our friends at Shacknews have a handy guide).
  • Secret Triumph – The Majesty of It: Obtain Magnificent Legendary Solstice Armor.
  • Secret Triumph – Above and Beyond: Earn Glow on any Solstice of Heroes Armor.

All credit to for discovering the three Secret Triumphs in Moments of Triumph 2020. It’s worth noting that the Solstice Armor stages will only unlock with the Solstice of Heroes event from August 11, so don’t stress too much over them until the date arrives.

Destiny 2 Moments of Triumph 2020 rewards

Destiny 2 Moments of Triumph 2020 rewards
© Bungie

And below you’ll see all the Moments of Triumph 2020 rewards you can earn for working your way through the above tasks in the next three months. Naturally you can also gain the MMXX Title for completing them all. 

  • Bungie Rewards Triumph Shirt: Complete all 15 Triumphs during Moments of Triumph 2020 to open the option to buy the shirt from the Bungie Store.
  • Ghost Shell: Complete 10 Triumphs to earn the 2020 Ghost.
  • Sparrow Shell: Complete 5 Triumphs to earn the 2020 Ghost.
  • Emblem Shell: Complete 3 Triumphs to earn the 2020 Emblem.
  • Raid Ring and Emblem: Complete all 5 Raids during Moments of Triumph 2020 to unlock a token to purchase the Raid Ring from the store.

Those are all the Destiny 2 Moments of Triumph tasks and rewards. If you need any more Destiny 2 pointers, be sure to visit our game hub by clicking here.

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