The best villager houses in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Find out which Animal Crossing: New Horizons villager houses and the classiest joints in paradise.

If home is where the heart is, then it’s time to dive right into the hearts of the lovely villagers that grace our islands. Personality? Pah. Looks? Laughable. It’s time to leave those pithy concerns behind and focus on what really matters about the folks who set up shop on your tropical paradise: Home decor. Move over, Happy Home Academy, because we’re about to embark on our own tour through the best Villager houses in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The best villager houses in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

We’ll start with a quick caveat: This is our personal list of the the best villager houses in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. There’s no objective “best house,” so much like our list of the cutest villagers – click here to have a gander at that – the picks below are our favorites, You’re welcome to have your own choices and even share them in the comments section below! Right, now that we’ve got our own house in order, let’s rummage through those belonging to our villager friends...


Best villager houses animal crossing new horizons
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Aside from being one of the coolest cats around, snooty villager Ankha is also the purrprietor of one of the wealthiest properties on the block. Showing a clear affection for all things gold, Ankha’s egyptian-themed house is littered with golden items including bullion, caskets, tableware, scales, and the pièce de résistance, a golden toilet. Are we fur-real? Yes indeed, this millionaire moggy shows no shame, with their expensive toilet sitting in plain view at the edge of the room. We also love the central pyramid and walls, which only serve to enhance the rich feline of the whole house.


Animal crossing new horizons best villager houses
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Speaking of class, another villager saddled with a luxurious house of leisure is smug-type horse, Colton. Clearly a bit more than financially stable, Colton has adorned his house with the finer things in life. Inside the pillar-clad room you’ll find a grand piano, classy urn, sofa and a lily record player, all in pristine white. With views of such decadence, it can prove hard to rein in your actions and resist giving his piano a try. However, if your performances are anything like ours, you’ll probably need to hoof it soon after!


Aurora best villager houses Animal Crossing New Horizons
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Though you’ll probably want to bring a jacket, you’ll never get a frosty reception when arriving at Aurora’s house. Living her best Elsa-inspired life, this unflappable friend has created an impressive ice palace to rival even Sweden’s best efforts. Admiring the fancy vases, icicle stands and deer decorations around the room is giving us seriously happy feet. Actually, thinking about it, that could just be the freezing cold floor. We should bring socks, next time. Our only complaint, Aurora, is that candles might not be the best idea in a room so prone to melting...


Sterling great villager houses animal crossing
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Despite looking like a gallant knight, Jock-type villager Sterling fits a very different kind of bill. Take a trip to his island home and you’ll see that under his eagle exterior lies the heart of a jailbird. Don’t expect many folks to flock here for a party, because Stirling’s home comes with few comforts beyond an unwelcoming bunk bed and an office desk. Presumably Sterling spends most of his time in the latter, keeping an eye on any locked up miscreants who ruffled his feathers. Get banged up in this silverhead’s slammer and we’ve heard the only distraction you’re allowed is Twitter; appalling tweetment, we have to say.


Octavian best houses animal crossing new horizons
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Zucker may have planted his takoyaki-themed suckers firmly on our list of cute villagers, but when it comes to houses, Octavian’s is on a whole other planet – quite literally in-fact! This cranky-type villager has been a staple of the series since the original game and has never lost his love of the stars.  A trip to this well-armed moonrock will let you admire rocket launchpad, satellite, and full-size space suit. The real highlight, however, is the central UFO which will spawn a little figure when interacted with. We don’t see any sign of a bed, so we can only assume that Octavian’s found a way to sleep inside his flying saucer. Octopuses are masters of contorting their own bodies, but the idea seems quite alien to us.

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Frita best houses in ACNH
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We’ll be honest, we’re feeling a little bit sheepish because we’d immediately overlooked all of Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ mutton mates on account of them being utterly nightmare inducing. However, we’ll gladly trade a few nights counting sheep for a look at Frita’s brilliant home. Styled like an American diner, the house comes complete with a counter, vending machines, candy dispensers and one giant ice cream. With Frita herself dressed like a hotdog, ewe have to admire the shear commitment to the theme. A word of warning though, we’d hear she has a tendency to fleece her customers.


Poppy best animal crossing villager houses
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Those who go nuts for nature will definitely want to invite adorable squirrel Poppy onto their island. Surrounded by autumnal trees, Poppy’s house displays nature on all fronts, from the log bed and table to the campfire squirrelled away in the corner. It’s such a beautiful house style that you’ll struggle not to fall head over heels for it. Check back in a few years and things might have changed though, as we suspect this little villager is a bit of a hoarder.


Best villager houses ACNH Lucky
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Drop by Lucky’s house bearing grave news and you’ll find that you’re barking up the right tree. Clearly a lover of all things horror, this bandage-wrapped pup has set his house up like a rundown crypt, so try not to howl in terror when you step through the door. Most graveyards we’ve known tend to feature skeletons in rather than above the ground, but we’d rather not hound Lucky with our complaints. Paws for a moment and you’ll notice how lovingly he’s decorated each grave. We only hope they don’t belong to the previous islanders he stayed with… Still thanks to a nice pail of water, Lucky's house is a great place to visit if you've ever wanted to try kicking the bucket.


Keaton best villager houses in Animal Crossing New Horizons
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Any speed fiends should absolutely race over to Keaton’s house when he arrives on their island. Inside you’ll be able to fuel up on all things automobile with not one, not two, but three race car beds up for grabs. Expecting a lot of late-night guests are we, Keaton? Despite his looks, this villager isn’t one to feather the throttle, as his outdoors-car park of a home includes a gas pump and two canisters for anyone whose indoor racer is running dry. He may be popular but don’t worry, there always spaces in this Eagle’s nest.

Those were our picks for the best villager houses in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. But if you’ve got your own favorite home away from home then be sure to share it with us in the comments section below.  You can also click here to head over to our Animal Crossing: New Horizons hub for more features, guides and news about the game.

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