Ubisoft unveils Sam, Siri for gaming

Another name ruined for people everywhere.

Ubisoft Canada has unveiled a Siri-style mobile phone helper app tailored to gaming as part of Ubisoft Club.

In the announcement video, we get to see the app used for a range of purposes that include scheduling gaming nights with your friends, checking up on your own or friends playing history, and provide tips for games. Oh and it can help you stop your friends from enjoying that movie night they planned too — it’s all in the video:

Responding to text and voice commands, it looks like Sam will be able to provide various stats about your time in Ubisoft games, alert you to discounts you’ve earned for titles and, on the more irritating side, push trailers or “tips and tricks” videos your way. Presumably if Sam is disappointed by your performance. It looks a bit in your face, but we’re hopeful you’ll be able to pick and choose what it buzzes you with.

Sam opens up in beta today in Canada.

Associate Editor

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