Diablo-like dungeon looter Torchlight 2 free on EGS next week

Crawl through dungeons with up to 4 friends in Torchlight 2 for free next week when it arrives on Epic Games Store.

Torchlight 2, the Diablo-like dungeon-crawler, will be free on Epic Games Store from July 16 next week.

Following on from this week's free offerings of Killing Floor 2 and The Escapists 2, Runic Games keeps the sequel trend going with Torchlight 2 coming free to anyone's library on the EGS.

It's a great little dungeon crawler for anyone with the itch to start a new character in Diablo 3 every couple of years. Kill things, loot drops, spam abilities with up to four friends, that sort of thing.

The game is currently 50% off on Steam, but even that puts it a $9.99, so this is a good deal even in amongst good deals.

Torchlight 2 recently released on Nintendo Switch last year, giving Blizzard a run for their money in the Diablo wars on the handheld. 

There is a story to the game, but we can't quite remember it because we kept spamming through dialogue to get shiny new loot. It's a game where you want loot because you like watching your numbers go up. If you like those games you'll like Torchlight 2, and since it's free you don't really have to risk anything to find out if you like those sorts of games.

Torchlight 2 will be free to download on Epic Games Store on July 16, so make sure to snap up your copy.


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