How to avoid fall damage in Ghost of Tsushima

Learn to roll with the punches and you can stop fall damage in Ghost of Tsushima.

Aaaand splat. If you’ve spent much time running around Ghost of Tsushima’s hills and mountaintop shrines, you’ll likely have succumbed to fall damage more than a few times. Despite his many talents Jin can’t handle all that much of a drop without falling flat on his face for the last time. Thankfully there is a way to give his feeble legs a little more strength when it comes to jumping off cliffs. In this guide we’ll explain how to avoid fall damage in Ghost of Tsushima. To a degree, at least.

How to avoid fall damage in Ghost of Tsushima

How to avoid Fall Damage in Ghost of Tsushima - the Safe Landing Skill
The Safe Landing skill will help you avoid fall damage in Ghost of Tsushima 
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To avoid fall damage in Ghost of Tsushima, you need to unlock the Safe Landing skill from the Evolving Tactics section of Jin’s Ghost skills. This will will only cost you a point, and allows Jin to perform a damage-mitigating roll when landing from high heights. Jump from a height that would normally cause a world of hurt and you can avoid fall damage by tapping Circle as you land. This will cause Jin to deftly transfer into a roll as he lands. 

The Safe Landing will help you avoid fall damage in Ghost of Tsushima for jumps from pretty high heights, but it doesn’t mean you  can go leaping off mountains and expect to survive; even and upgraded Jin has his limits. Still, it’s pretty much an essential unlock for those who like hurtling around the landscape and doing their best Nathan Drake impressions several hundred years before he was born.

How to stop fall damage in Ghost of Tsushima - Jin leaps off a cliff
On second thoughts, this cliff may have been a little too high.
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There is one more trick to reducing fall damage in Ghost of Tsushima, but it’s a bit mean. You might have noticed that your horse (Nobu, Kage or Sora) is pretty much invincible, but will throw you off when pushed too far. Well it can be a bit tricky to encourage (as you might expect, the horse isn’t stupid), but you can get your horse to leap off a high height with you on top. It’ll survive a much higher fall than you, and throw you off without any damage. Your horse pal will be fine, but you will have to endure a horrible sound of discomfort as it lands, you big meanie.

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You should now know how to avoid fall damage in Ghost of Tsushima, so use this newfound knowledge wisely! Don’t go jumping off Castle Kaneda and expect to land safely on the beach, for example. For more Ghost of Tsushima guides, click here to visit our game hub.

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