How to get saddles in Ghost of Tsushima

Learn how to get new saddles in Ghost of Tsushima so that you can treat your horse to some stylish new looks.

Jin Sakai gets up to a lot of horsing around during Ghost of Tsushima. Your partnership with Nobu/Sora/Kage is a core part of the time you’ll spend on the island, which means you should really treat them to some fancy new gear every so often. So stop fooling around with your own armor sets and learn how to get saddles in Ghost of Tsushima.

How to get saddles in Ghost of Tsushima

How to get saddles in Ghost of Tsushima
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Saddles are a cosmetic item you can earn and equip on your horse. There are a lot fewer than the armor sets you can grab for yourself, but that only makes them more special for your horsey pal. To get Saddles in Ghost of Tsushima, you need to collect Sashimono Banners. There are 80 of these collectables, and as you pick them all up you’ll unlock the ability to collect new saddles. They can be found throughout the land, visible as flapping, vertical banners in bright colors. Places like Dojos will contain them in greater numbers.

To collect your saddles when they become available, you need to head to Komatsu forge (once you’ve completed the Hammer and Forge story mission in Act 1). At the southern end of the village is a monk inside a dojo. He should appear on your map with an icon of a small man with a banner, and if you’ve been there once then you’ll be able to fast travel there. Speak with the monk and he’ll trade the banners you’ve collected for new saddles. Don’t ask us why he has so many saddles on him.

All Saddles in Ghost of Tsushima
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The map will also tell you if new saddles are available. The first unlocks after finding five banners, the second after eight, and so forth. You can check the number of banners you need by opening the equipment page and saddle section.

There are a total of seven saddles in Ghost of Tsushima, including the one you start with:

  • Storm Wind
  • Cloudless Dash
  • Swift Summer
  • Racing Crane
  • Fierce Spirit
  • Pampas Gale
  • Elegant Fury

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And that’s all you need to know about how to get saddles in Ghost of Tsushima. Remember to treat your horse to a new look every now and again, they deserve it. For more Ghost of Tsushima guides, click here to head to our game hub.

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