How to grab and climb in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Learn how to climb or grab items in Fall Guys so you can scale ledges and secure your crown.

Aaaaand that’s another elimination! You were leading the pack, blitzing through the Whirlygig and sure to qualify, all until you hit a wall of both literal and metaphorical definition. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout keeps controls, by and large, pretty simple. But a couple of levels throw in the unexpected surprise of a ledge you need to climb up, or balls/tails you need to grab or collect. Don’t worry, as with everything else in the game, it’s very simple to learn how to grab and climb in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Here, we’ll even teach you if you promise to let us win.

How to grab and climb in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

how to grab and climb in fall guys
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To grab or climb in Fall Guys, press R2 on PS4, or Shift on PC (RT if using an Xbox Controller). You can grab other players by pressing R2, but they can escape after a short delay by mashing buttons like jump. Most levels which require you to grab will ask you to collect eggs or balls and score them in your team’s zone. In this case, hold the grab button as long as you want to hold the item.

Some race levels will require you to climb a ledge. In this case, jump and then hold down R2/Shift as your figure attempts to climb the platform. You may be knocked off if near several other players also trying to jump and climb up the ledge, but eventually you’ll make it up. We recommend finding an empty space to make your climb to avoid being sent tumbling time after time.

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There’s not much more to say about how to grab and climb in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. If you want to get a full rundown of the controls, click here to read them all. For everything else Fall Guys, click here to head over to our game hub where we have news, interviews, tips and more.

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