Mortal Shell release date set for August 18

Prepare to die a lot in this brutally difficult indie game when it's released on August 18.

After an extremely successful closed beta that drew in over 350,000 players who died over 350 million times according to the press release, Mortal Shell finally has a confirmed release date.

If you’ve yet to experience this challenging indie game for yourself, we highly recommend checking it out when it releases on August 18.

Mortal Shell release date set for August 18

Mortal Shell release date set for August 18
Try your hand at a truly challenging indie game when Mortal Shell releases on August 18.
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Mortal Shell is officially scheduled to release on August 18 for PC via the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. After watching its release date trailer, many have been quick to describe the game as being “Souls-like” in nature.

While that term is often overused, we do feel like the game will appeal to Dark Souls fans based on our time with the game during the closed beta. The combat in Mortal Shell requires careful planning and precision, along with a bit of practice and patience for good measure.

No matter how skilled you are, you will die in Mortal Shell. A lot.

As we were playing the beta, we were thrown curveballs as we explored the map with carefully placed bear traps, archers shooting at you from afar, and enemies hiding out in tents. Mortal Shell is a game that keeps you on your toes, and is a game you can’t rush your way through.

The gist of Mortal Shell is you’re exploring a haunting world and can inhabit “the anima of defeated warriors” as explained on the game’s website. The “shells” of these warriors act like different classes, each with their own stat focus. For example, during the beta we got to play with Harros and Tiel.

Harros had more of a balanced stat setup, whereas Tiel was focused on speed and stamina. If you find a Mortal Shell that you like, you have the ability to upgrade and improve it. You can mix and match weapons and upgrade those as well.

Overall, we were extremely impressed by the closed beta and are really looking forward to playing the full game once it’s released on August 18. You can pre-purchase the game right now on the Epic Games Store for $29.99 (USD) if you plan to play on PC, or you can wait to grab a copy for Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

Undecided? Check out the release date trailer below to get a feel for the game’s aesthetic, setting, and combat.

What do you think of Mortal Shell? Are you excited to play the game on August 18? Did you play the closed beta? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below!

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