Fall Guy servers are down, but they'll be ready for the weekend

Fall Guys struggling to connect? The developers have set up a Twitter account solely for Fall Guys server status updates.

Having trouble connecting to the matchmaking servers in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. If you’re wondering why you’re not able to hunt those crowns right now, it’s because the Fall Guy servers have been taken down for an extended period of maintenance. 

Fall guys server status - struggling to connect matchmaking
Players quickly overwhelmed the Fall Guys servers when the game went live. 
© Mediatonic

While the server status is bad news for anyone hoping to play a game right now, it’s all for a good cause. Fall Guys received unexpected interest following its release, leaving indie developer Mediatonic’s servers more than a little overwhelmed. To help prepare for the first full weekend after the game's launch, the team has taken the Fall Guy servers offline to perform some much-needed maintenance and get the online matchmaking ready for the increased capacity expected over the weekend.

Want to keep track of the Fall Guys server status? The studio has created a Twitter account for that purpose exactly. Any time you’re struggling to connect to the matchmaking servers, we recommend that you head over to the Fall Guys Server Owl Twitter account (click here) to check the latest tweets and see if the game should be up and running. Bear in mind that the account doesn’t reply to requests, so don’t message it there. If everything should be pechy with the servers, you can submit a ticket on the Fall Guys support page.

Once this maintenance is done, we expect far fewer problems with the Fall Guys servers, so be patient while they get it up and running properly. While you wait, you can always head over to our list of all Fall Guys maps, levels and minigames so you can practice your strategies for each one. Not that it’ll matter when you get thrown onto the Yellow Team once again, forced to flounder in any and all team events. For everything else Fall Guys, click here to visit our game hub page which collects all the news, features, tips and tricks in one place.

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