Switch is also crushing it in Spain

The console that just can't stop selling.

The Switch is Nintendo’s fastest and best selling console in Spain, and has already outsold the Xbox One.

It’s not just Japan and the US in which the Switch is proving more popular than gold dust. A report of sales numbers provided to Gamereactor Spain reveals that Xbox One sales between 2013 and the end of 2017 were behind the 10 month sales figures for the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo confirmed that the Switch had become its fastest selling system in Spain, but hasn’t released any figures. Spain typically favors Nintendo when it comes to console popularity, but the statement is still an impressive one for a western market.

The Switch epidemic appears to have spread across Europe, holding the title of fastest-selling console in history in both France and Italy, selling more than 900,000 units in France alone.

The Nintendo Switch had sold over 10 million units as of December last year, and for the looks of things, doesn’t seem to be stopping, having sold over 4.8 million copies in the US alone in the first nine months, making it the fastest-selling home console there too.  

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