Fall Guys patch notes August 13 – new levels and more added

Find out about the new Jump Showdown level in our Fall Guys patch notes for the August 13 update.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout gets its first major update today, with the patch bringing a new level and a few balancing tweaks to the comedic, obstacle course battle royale.  Update - the patch has now been delayed until tomorrow, August 13.

We’ve got the full Fall Guys patch notes below, but the biggest addition is the new Jump Showdown level. Listed as a “fan-favourite” in the beta, this level is the same general structure as Jump Club, but in this final, chunks of the circular floor will collapse after a brief period, leaving players isolated on islands. Whoever can jump over the rotating gold beams for the longest without dropping into the goop will score the crown.

The August 13 Fall Guys patch notes were shared in advance on the (very funny) Fall Guys Twitter account, but we’ve collated them below for your easy viewing.

Fall Guys patch notes August 13

Fall Guys Patch Notes August 12 update
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New level

  • Added Jump Showdown - A fan-favourite from the beta!

Gameplay changes

  • Lowered the weighting for Royal Fumble to add more final round variation

Bug fixes

  • Fixed crash at launch with certain regional calendars set in the operating system
  • Fixed physics behaving erratically at high framerate on levels like Tip Toe
  • Fixed crown in Fall Mountain not being grabbable in rare situations
  • Fixed Parties sometimes failing due to too many requests
  • Addressed some special characters causing display issues in player names
  • Fixed Big Tease Achievement not unlocking in specific regions
  • PC only - Fixed certain game controller models not being detected on PC

Quality of life changes

  • Improved messaging for matchmaking and server errors
  • Addressed some collisions in Block Party allowing players to bypass the blocks

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Those were the full Fall Guys patch notes for the August 13 update. Ready to claim a crown in the new Jump Showdown final? Let us know which changes you’re happiest about in the comments below, then head over to our Fall Guys game hub by clicking here for more tips, tricks and features, we’ve even got a roundup of brilliant Fall Guys fan art!

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