How to show FPS in Hyper Scape

Display your FPS in Hyper Scape using the Uplay overplay.

If you want to keep up with the lightning-fast plays in Hyper Scape, you’ll want to make sure your PC is running the game properly by checking your FPS. If you suspect that your framerate is dropping, it’s possible for PC players to enable an FPS overlay in Hyper Scape that’ll confirm whether your PC is getting sluggish, or your imagination is getting the better of you. Read on to learn how to show FPS in Hyper Scape.

How to show FPS in Hyper Scape

How to show FPS in Hyper Scape
You can show your FPS in Hyper Scape using Uplay on PC.
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PC players can show FPS in Hyper Scape using the Uplay overlay. If you’re already in the game, open the menus and select Ubisoft Club. When the bar opens on the left, click the Settings button. Look under the General tab and you’ll see the “Display FPS counter in game” option is unchecked. Tick this box and you’ll be able to see your FPS in the top left corner of the screen while you play.

You can also enable the FPS overlay outside of the game. To do this, open Uplay and click the horizontal bars in the top left to open the menu of options. Click the Settings button. Look under the General header and find “Display FPS counter in game.” Tick the box and you’ll be good to go. Bear in mind that this will enable the FPS counter for all games in Uplay, not just Hyper Scape.

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Unfortunately there’s no way to show FPS in the console version of Hyper Scape, but there’s also very little you can do there to improve your FPS (besides playing on a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X rather than the base console). Hopefully this guide has helped you keep track of your FPS in Hyper Scape. Head over to our game hub by clicking here if you want more tips and tricks for Ubisoft’s battle royale.

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