How to unlock weapons in Mortal Shell

Get a new edge on your enemies by learning how to unlock weapons in Mortal Shell.

A man is more than just a shell. They’ve got a weapon, too. In Mortal Shell you’ll start the game with nothing more than the Hallowed Sword, and while we’d argue it’s one of the best weapons the game has to offer, there are other choices for those who prefer heavier swings or greater range. Want to know how to unlock weapons in Mortal Shell? We’ll explain it quickly below.

How to unlock weapons in Mortal Shell

How to unlock weapons in Mortal Shell
You get new weapons by taking on Hadern fights in Mortal Shell.
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To unlock weapons in Mortal Shell you must beat the Hadern fights at the entrance to each new area. When you leave the Falgrim Outskirts (the first, swamp/woodland area) and enter a new place through a loading screen, you should be greeted by Sester Genessa. Nearby to her will be a book on a plinth, with a stone statue standing next to it. 

Interact with the book and you’ll be transported back to the flooded area from the very beginning of the game. In this spot you’ll find yourself in a boss fight with Hadern (your sort of nemesis character who can also use the Harden ability). Hadern will be using the weapon you’re trying to unlock, letting you get a look at the attack pattern for it. While they might seem scary at first, we’ve figured out a reliable way to beat Hadern every time which you can read by clicking here.

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You can try this fight as many time as you want, but once you successfully beat Hadern, you’ll be teleported back to the room with Sester Genessa. You can now collect your new weapon from the statue next to the book. It’s worryingly easy to miss that the weapon is there, so don’t forget to give it a go! Bear in mind that when you swap weapons, you leave your current weapon at that statue. That means you will need to return there if you want it back, or head to Fallgrim Tower where you can swap between them all.

That’s all you need to know about how to unlock weapons in Mortal Shell. For more guides for the game, click here to visit our game hub page - it has all kinds of useful things like a full controls guide for Mortal Shell!

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