Where to find Corrupted Sester Genessa in Mortal Shell

Get the Forbidden Offering in Mortal Shell by finding Corrupted Sester Genessa's location.

Mortal Shell isn’t quite so overflowing with secrets as the Souls games that inspired it, but there are little details, items and NPCs dotted around the map in unexpected places. One of these is Corrupted Sester Genessa, a merchant you can speak with to obtain the Forbidden Offering, a powerful upgrade that’ll boost your Resolve. Below, we’ll explain where to find Corrupted Sester Genessa in Mortal Shell so you can obtain it as soon as possible.

Where to find Corrupted Sester Genessa in Mortal Shell

Where to find Corrupted Sester Genessa location in Mortal Shell
Head down this path next to the entrance to Eternal Narthax to find Corrupted Sester Genessa in Mortal Shell.
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Corrupted Sester Genessa is located near the entrance to Eternal Narthex. You can find Corrupted Sester Genessa by heading towards this location, which is the same place you’ll find the Eredrim Shell (our pick for the best in the game). If you’re having trouble reaching this spot, we’ve included a gfycat below showing the path there from Fallgrim Tower.

Once you’re there, don’t head up the main path in front. Instead, make your way to the left and go around the obsidian blocks. There’s a path you can follow here, all the way to the back, which reveals a door in the side of the wall on your right. Inside you’ll find Corrupted Sester Genessa in Mortal Shell. 

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This Sester won’t say anything to you, but you can trade with her to obtain Effigies for all the Shells in the game, or pick up the Forbidden Offering for 3000 Tar to upgrade to your Tainted Seal. This is an extremely powerful upgrade which dramatically boosts your Resolve gain. We recommend grabbing it as quickly as you can so that you can perform more Empowered Ripostes or special moves.

Where to find forbidden offering in Mortal Shell
You should purchase the Forbidden Offering from Corrupted Sester Genessa as soon as you can in Mortal Shell.
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Now that you’ve found Corrupted Sester Genessa’s location in Mortal Shell, you can grab the Forbidden Offering (remember you must return to a work bench to equip it) and get on with the game. Click here to visit our Mortal Shell game hub if you want more tips and tricks for the game.

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