How to save the game in Battletoads

Keep track of all your Toad-y progress by learning how to save the game in Battletoads.

The new Battletoads has drawn quite a bit of interest, and with that interest comes questions like how long the game takes to beat and how to save the game. If you’re wondering whether there’s a manual save option, or how the auto-save works in Battletoads, we’ve got you covered!

How to save the game in Battletoads

How to save the game in Battletoads
Explaining the auto-save feature that keeps track of your progress in Battletoads.
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To start, Battletoads doesn’t have a manual save option. If you want to save the game in Battletoads, you’ll need to rely on the game’s auto-save feature. As with the implementation of auto-save in other games, it’s fairly reliable in Battletoads.

You’ll regularly activate the auto-save when you finish levels, and there are checkpoints in the game that’ll help during situations where you’re unable to finish a level.

As expected, finishing a level is the most reliable way to know all of your progress has been saved because the next time you jump back in, you’ll be able to start at the beginning of the next level.

If you’re hunting for a checkpoint and want to make sure the game has auto-saved at that point before ending the game while you’re halfway through a level, keep an eye on the bottom right corner of your screen.

There, you’ll see an icon pop up indicating the game has auto-saved at that point. The icon pops up frequently so the more you play, the more aware you’ll be of this auto-save icon.

When you reach a checkpoint, you should see this icon pop up, indicating it’s safe to close the game knowing you’ll start back at that checkpoint the next time you start playing.

Again, Battletoads uses an internal auto-save that keeps track of your progress. The game saves fairly often, though you can always wait until you finish a level or reach a checkpoint before closing the game to be 100% certain everything is saved.

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