GameTrax tags along on Journey composer's trip behind the scenes

New video series from HyperX explores iconic soundtracks and the people who make them, starting with Journey's Austin Wintory.

A new video series from HyperX called GameTrax explores the history and craft behind some of our favorite soundtracks, starting with Journey composer Austin Wintory.

The first game to be nominated for a Grammy award, Journey was an achingly beautiful exploration of human emotion and our relationships with strangers. The online co-op paired you up with a random other player, as you helped each other on your trip towards a mountaintop on the horizon.

Part of what made Journey such a memorable and affecting game was Wintory's soundtrack, with sombre and playful strings and a minimal orchestral accompaniment.

In the first episode of GameTrax, Wintory talks us through how he managed to achieve so much with so little, as well as laying out what it's like to work in music in the game industry.

If you'd like to know more about Austin Wintory, we've previously interviewed him about his inspirations in games, as part of our Composer's Choice series. We found out what his favorite game soundtrack of all time is, and how it influenced his later work, including Journey.

You can find out more about how to get a job in the games industry as a composer by reading through our interview with Supergiant maestro Darren Korb, or check out more of our interviews with great composers to find out what their inspirations were, including Fall Guys artist Jukio Kallio.


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