These Fall Guys music covers are guaranteed to deliver a smile

Get Jelly bean beats in your ears with these excellent Fall Guys soundtrack covers.

For a game about hundreds of beans falling to their deaths or being engulfed in toxic slime over and over, Fall Guys is a surprisingly cheerful affair. Sure, the hilarious costumes are thanks in part, but a large chunk of the bean battle royale’s cheer comes through its soundtrack.

Crafted by Daniel Hagström and Jukio Kallio (Minit composer and staunch Xenogears fan), the Fall Guys soundtrack is an undeniably boppy mix that gets you pumped and ready to race from the menu theme alone. Dammit, talking about it has only made us want to listen again, so you might as well join us:

The best Fall Guys music covers

The real beauty of Fall Guys’ music, though, is just how quickly it has inspired a myriad weird and wonderful covers from talented gaming fans. To help inspire you to that next (or first) Fall Guys victory, here are some of the best Fall Guys music covers we’ve seen and found online. Ge them in your ears and grab that crown!

Fall Guys a capella cover

Kicking off the list with plenty of claps is Elspeth Eastman’s brilliant a capella beatbox cover of the game’s main theme, Everybody Falls. Aside from being seriously impressive, it’s guaranteed to shove a smile onto even the grumpiest face.

Fall Guys bass cover

The Fall Guys social media manager himself directly challenged bassist and Youtuber Davie504 to “SLAPP the fall guys theme.” Challenge accepted, completed and them some. You’ve earned that qualification, Davie.

Fall Guys drums cover

No cover collection is complete without a drummer giving it their all. SethDrums does not disappoint, bringing an extra heavy dose of clashing cymbals in their Everybody Falls cover.

Fall Guys rock cover

What do you get when you put all the different parts together? Skip on the Acapella, and it’s a little something like this. YouTube band Lame Genie decided that Fall Guys’ soundtrack, while excellent, could do with a little bit more oomph added, and, with the help of Lacey Johnson, recorded a full rock cover of the Fall ‘N’ Roll track. You know, the one you’re screaming too while 20 players tip your seesaw beyond the limit over and over again.

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Fall Guys LoFi cover

LoFi hip hop or Jazz beats have all but taken over the internet in the last few years, and even made a strong entry into the world of video games. It was nigh on inevitable then that even Fall Guys’ high-tempo tracks would get a LoFi cover. Here’s Symphonic Brush’s version.

Fall Guys Eurobeat cover

Listen, we don’t know who asked for it, but we’re just glad this eurobeat remix by ZYRK exists.

Fall Guys piano cover

And finally, let’s bring a touch of class to the collection with the wonderful piano cover of the last round track Final Fall by Korean cover artist Korokke. They’ve covered the complete set of tracks for the game, so be sure to check out their channel if you’re after more. Alternatively, check out this impossible-to-play version by The Blue Notes Piano Tutorials, or this live play attempt by Song Dae-hyun.

Those were our favorite Fall Guys music covers! Found another excellent version or recorded your own? Share it with everyone in the comment below and we might even add it to the list. For everything else jelly bean centric, visit our Fall Guys gaming hub page where we have features, news and guides for the game.

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