Marvel's Avengers beta sets a PlayStation record

The beta for Marvel's Avengers hulk-smashed previous PlayStation records.

According to Square Enix, the beta for Marvel’s Avengers has become the most-downloaded beta on PlayStation. The publisher went on to congratulate developer Crystal Dynamics for this impressive milestone before reminding gamers about the availability of the full game.

Marvel’s Avengers beta sets a PlayStation record

Marvel's Avengers beta sets a PlayStation record
The Marvel's Avengers beta has hulk-smashed its way to becoming the most-downloaded beta in PlayStation history.
© Crystal Dynamics

It’s hard to resist the draw of a free beta, especially for a game as highly anticipated as Marvel’s Avengers. The level of interest for the Marvel’s Avengers beta is apparently so high that it broke a PlayStation record.

On social media, Square Enix stated that the Marvel’s Avengers beta was “globally the most-downloaded beta in PlayStation history” before congratulating developer Crystal Dynamics on breaking this record.

As others have pointed out, no one from Square Enix, Sony, or Crystal Dynamics have shared exact numbers when it comes to the number of people who downloaded the Marvel’s Avengers beta.

While setting a new record is impressive in and of itself – and excellent news for Crystal Dynamics as it will likely lead to strong sales figures – it’d be nice to know how many people downloaded the beta. We’re extremely curious, and will be keeping an eye out on social media for updates on both the beta performance, and the sales performance of Marvel’s Avengers.

Meanwhile, we’ve been sitting here marveling at how many PlayStation records have been broken this year. For example, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout grabbed the “most-downloaded PS Plus game” crown. Prior to the PS Plus record set by Fall Guys, the strong sales performance of Ghost of Tsushima broke PlayStation’s first-party PS4 launch record.

It’s crazy to see so many records getting crushed left and right, and we want to extend a hearty congratulations to Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix on their successful beta for Marvel’s Avengers.

We’re eager to hear your thoughts on the record-breaking beta performance of Marvel’s Avengers. Did you download the beta for Marvel’s Avengers? What did you think of the beta? Will you be buying and playing Marvel’s Avengers? Comment below!

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