Where to get Polychoron in Marvel's Avengers

Upgrade your Exotic Artifacts by learning where to find Polychoron in Marvel's Avengers.

As you work your way through Marvel’s Avengers, you’ll have the opportunity to gather a variety of different materials and resources, some of which are harder to gather than others. Polychoron is a great example of a material that’s particularly difficult to find.

To help make things a little easier, we’ve put together a quick guide explaining where to get Polychoron in Marvel’s Avengers.

Where to get Polychoron in Marvel’s Avengers

Where to get Polychoron in Marvel's Avengers
Polychoron is rare, but there are a number of ways to get it from dismantling unwanted Exotic Artifacts, to completing special activities like Drop Zones in Marvel's Avengers.
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In Marvel’s Avengers, you’ll have access to a variety of resources to use in a number of different ways. Among the materials you’ll collect in Marvel’s Avengers is Polychoron. When you want to do things like upgrade Exotic Artifacts in Marvel’s Avengers, you’ll need Polychoron.

Unfortunately, Polychoron is harder to get your hands on than other materials in the game like Plasma.

To get Polychoron, you can dismantle an Exotic Artifact that you no longer want, but this isn’t always the best way to get the amount of Polychoron that you need. To farm for Polychoron, you’ll want to complete missions and special activities.

For example, you can work your way through Drop Zones like the Quantum Research Bunker as you can be rewarded with Polychoron upon completion. You can also get Polychoron as a potential reward when you complete Daily and Weekly Faction Assignments.

In a blog post, Crystal Dynamics describes Faction Assignments as follows:

“Marvel’s Avengers features various Factions, each with their own in-game Vendors. SHIELD & Inhuman Vendors will give you daily and weekly assignments that help increase your Faction level. The higher your Faction level, the more Gear and Artifacts that Faction Vendor will give you access to. Faction items rotate daily and weekly. Make sure to go grab all your Faction dailies when you login, because they can be completed as you play through other missions.”

Daily and Weekly Faction Assignments unlock as you work your way through the game’s campaign. Once they’re available to you, it’s worth taking the time to complete them on a daily basis, as emphasized by the above description from Crystal Dynamics.

Even if you don’t get Polychoron from these Assignments, the rewards you’re given are often quite valuable.

Again, to get Polychoron you can either dismantle an Exotic Artifact you no longer want, or complete missions and special activities in Marvel’s Avengers. Examples of this include Drop Zones, and Daily and Weekly Faction Assignments. The more of these you complete, the more likely you are to get Polychoron.

The more Polychoron you have, the more you’ll be able to upgrade your favorite Exotic Artifacts in Marvel’s Avengers.

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