The Switch has sold a staggering 14.8m units

It's already outsold the Wii U.

The Nintendo Switch has sold 14.8 million units in its opening 10 months.

It was only two days ago that we were reminding ourselves of Nintendo’s success in Europe over the first nine months, but it seems the Japanese company’s latest console just can’t stop outdoing itself, comfortably surpassing their previous Wii U console's lifetime sales of 13.56 million.

The new figures are based on Nintendo’s nine-month earnings report, which reveals the US as the biggest market for the console, selling 5.94 million units, while Japan and the rest of the world sit at 3.72 and 5.2 million, respectively. The success has pushed Nintendo to its most profitable quarter since 2009.

The Nintendo Switch earned its place as the fastest selling console in NA, and looks like it could overtake the Xbox One which currently sits at 30.97m lifetime units shipped, though Sony’s PlayStation 4 still holds a strong lead at 67.5m units.

The Switch has proven gold-dust in its home country of Japan, and can still prove tricky to grab in the US. The success extends to the game’s stellar releases in Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, both of which hold impressively high attach rates.

Both titles have also had overwhelmingly positive critical reception, with Breath of the Wild claiming numerous Game of the Year accolades.

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