We're getting 30 minutes of Resident Evil Village coverage this week

Courtesy of the Tokyo Game Show 2020.

We’ll be getting 30 minutes of new Resident Evil Village coverage during Capcom’s segment at the Tokyo Game Show this week.

Only last week, the PS5 Showcase gave us second proper glimpse at Resident Evil Village, including a tease towards a brand new merchant for the series (Resi 4’s geezer will always hold our hearts though). But it wasn’t enough.

30 minutes new resident evil village tokyo game show 2020
© Capcom

Our T-Virus obsessed minds have only left us hungry for more information on the first-person follow up to Ethan Winters’ harrowing experience in Resident Evil 7. What’s turning the people of the village into werewolf-like beasts? Who’s that old crone? Is that a coven of witches? We have questions, and if not answers, we at least want a bit more footage of gameplay pore over until 2021 arrives

Thankfully, this week Capcom will be giving us a 30-minute block (thanks for the spot, Resident Evil Wiki) dedicated to the upcoming horror game as part of their Tokyo Game Show 2020 Special Program. The full schedule for TGS 2020 – held entirely online this year due to COVID-19 health and safety concerns – has already been shared online. Capcom’s Special Program broadcast kicks off this Friday at 6am PT (9am ET, 2pm BST, 3pm CEST) and will be hosted on the CapcomUSA Twitch channel. It’ll also be covering Monster Hunter Rise, one of two new Monster Hunter titles recently announced for the Nintendo Switch.

In case you can’t watch the showcase live, we’ll bring you any news that arrives regarding Resident Evil Village during TGS, so be sure to check back with us again soon. The event runs across the weekend, with companies like Koei Tecmo Games, Konami, Bandai Namco Entertainment, PUBG Crop, and even Microsoft looking to share off new information on games and consoles. Everything states this Thursday, September 24, so keep an eye on our Tokyo Game Show tag then to keep up to date with any announcements.

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