Fan Art Corner: Hades

Showcasing our favorite pieces of Hades fan art.

The official art of Hades is so damned good, that we were tempted to fill this edition of Fan Art Corner with pictures of every single character and dare anyone to complain. Seriously, just look at how devilishly good the cast is:

But with such a glut of gorgeous characters, it’s no surprise that many others have been inspired to recreate them. And as it turns out, Hades fans are rocking some rather godly artistry skills themselves. Below, we’ve collected together the best Hades fan art for you to browse through before the great god of the dead locks it away from the mortal realm forever. As ever, if you like any of the pieces shown here, make sure to go and give the artist a follow or at least take a look at their other works!

The best Hades fan art

The underworld is Zagreus’ stage in Hades, so it’s no surprise to see the rebellious son form the bulk of fan art interest. We love that so many people have been taken with the character, and found ways to capture different aspects of his character through their art. Here are a few of our favorites, by Hashiara, Chelsea, Al Santos, and James P.

Okay, so this one isn’t technically fan art as Jen Zee is Supergiant Games’ own art designer. But this piece they put together to celebrate Hades’ full official launch was simply too good not to include, giving us a softer side to lead star Zagreus.

It’s not just Zagreus’ look that has many captivated, it’s his actions too. Solfurica and LatterBug were particularly taken by a certain fondness for wasting a lot of time by the underworld’s riverbanks, stick in hand.

Companions – also sometimes rivals/love interests, the underworld is a messy place – have received a lot of love too, and we love these renditions of Dusa, Megaera, Artemis, and Thanatos by Guambe, JoJo, Zeowni, and Bee, respectively.

A mighty hero he may have been in life, but Thesius largely serves as a pain in Zagreus’ rear in Hades. Still, that hasn’t stopped a few folks from falling for him and his minotaur pal, as Afrych’s art shows. Presumably set after the pair are finally bested by Zag, it shows Asterius doing his best to comfort the overly prideful Thesius.

Zag may be pretty powerful, but let’s be honest, without a little push from night mother Nyx, he never would have had a hope of escaping. So it’s only fair that our Hades fan art roundup includes this lovely picture by enecola of her enjoying some time with her snoozy son.

And finally, we’ll wrap up with this lovely little cartoon collection of the Hades cast, shared on Reddit by atashitsuki to celebrate the run up to the game’s launch. 

The best Hades fan art
 Image by atashitsuki 

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