How to play with friends in Among Us

Learn how to create and join games so you can play with friends in Among Us.

Betrayal is just that much more fun when it’s a friend that you’re stabbing in the back. Don’t look at us like that, obviously we mean when playing Among Us! If you want to sign up for a silent spaceship session with your mates, you will need to jump through a few hoops. However, if you follow the steps in this guide, you can learn how to play with friends in Among Us in no time at all.

How to play with friends in Among Us

How to play with friends in Among Us
Check you're all in the same region, then have one player host to start a game for your friends in Among Us. 
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Among Us doesn’t feature any kind of friend list, so learning how to join the same game as your mates is important. Thankfully, if isn’t too much work, either.

To play with friends in Among Us, you first need one player to host a game. Check that everyone is in the same region (bottom right of the screen), then select the Online option and click the Create Game button under the Host section at the top of the screen. This will give you some options about the game including the map, max player count, and the maximum number of Imposters the game can support. Once you’re happy with those settings, click Confirm and you’ll be loaded into an empty lobby.

How to join friends in Among Us
You'll need the six-letter code to join a friend's lobby in Among Us.
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Now that the lobby is up and running, you should see a six-letter code at the bottom of the screen, as highlighted above. Tell this to your friends, as they need it to join. Anyone who wants access to the lobby will now need to choose Online, then click the Enter Code section under Private. Type the code in and click the arrow or hit Enter and you’ll connect to the corresponding lobby. You can also open your game up to public if you don't mind random players being added in as well.

It’s worth noting that Among Us has faced some server issues during busy periods, so if you’re getting error messages while trying to create or join a lobby, just keep trying and you’ll get in eventually (assuming the code is correct).

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Does Among Us support cross-play?

Good news! Yes, Among Us supports cross-play between the mobile and PC versions of the game. So long as you’re playing in the same region, you can easily join in with games no matter what you play on.

That’s everything there is to know about how to play with friends in Among Us. For more tips and tricks, sneak through the vents into our hub page for the game. We’ll help you get one over on your crewmates, and we promise not to tell during the Emergency Meeting.

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